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The Top 25 Best Applicant Tracking Systems (Updated for 2018)

Hiring can seem like a daunting process, but it doesn’t have to be! Ideally, your company’s hiring process should be as efficient and effective as possible – and an applicant tracking system can make that happen.

Applicant tracking systems are known for streamlining the hiring process through handling recruitment needs electronically. They process resumes submitted by applicants and can automatically filter them based on given criteria.   

Now, which ATS should you be using? With so many options available, it can be hard to decide what will be best for your business. That’s why we have compiled the top applicant tracking systems to make hiring easier for you and your company.

Need a quick rundown? Here are our top 10:



Product Job Board Postings Onboarding Mobile Free Trial Pricing
Oracle Taleo Cloud Service $$$$
Greenhouse Software $$$$
iCims Talent Acquisition $$$$$
JobVite $$$$
IBM Kenexa Talent Acquisition Suite $$$$$
Proven SMB ATS $
SAP SuccessFactors $$$
ADP Recruiting Management $$$$
SmartRecruiters Talent Acquisition Suite Freemium $$$
Jazz HR $$


Top Applicant Tracking Systems


1. Oracle Taleo Cloud Service

The Oracle Taleo Cloud Service helps companies easily attract and retain top talent. They are the market leading solution for talent management platforms and their software includes everything from social job sharing to offer management.


What is unique about  Oracle Taleo Cloud Service?

This service relies heavily on social media sourcing tools. Companies have found that recruiting candidates through social media makes job applications accessible via mobile devices, leading to increased employee referrals. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are a few places used for social media sourcing.


2. Greenhouse Software

Greenhouse is an ATS and recruiting software designed to help the entire recruiting process. The integrated platform streamlines various recruiting activities, such as planning the hiring process, sourcing job applications, managing interviews and even organizing post hiring activities. They are used and trusted by many large companies such as Airbnb, Pinterest, and Vimeo.

What is unique about Greenhouse Software?

Greenhouse is a complete hiring and HR administration system, meaning you are able to manage both current and prospective employees. This allows you to guide and analyze performance of current employees. When hiring, they provide an interview kit, where you can score applicants and compare candidates.


3. iCims Talent Acquisition

The iCims Talent Acquisition Software Suite supports businesses of all sizes, in all industries. They have been around since 2000 and are dedicated to “getting recruitment right.” The suite is easy to use, separated into three modules: recruit, connect, and onboard.

What is unique about iCims Talent Acquisition?

iCims is a leading acquisition service internationally. They have been working in talent management for over 10 years and are being used by over 3,000 businesses and organizations.


4. JobVIte

JobVite’s system includes an ATS, social recruiting, mobile optimized career sites, on-demand video screening, analytics, onboarding, an seamless integration with other HR systems.


What is unique about JobVite?

JobVite allows you to create customizable branded career websites that feature your brand, forms, applications and more. They also work with big companies such as LinkedIn and JCPenny.


5. IBM Kenexa Talent Acquisition Suite

IBM Kenexa is a suite of recruitment solutions to help you find, hire, onboard and nurture the right talent. It includes behavior marketing tools to proactively attract talent, motivate job seekers to connect, generate qualified applications and increase new-hire productivity.

What is unique about IBM Kenexa?

The IBM Kenexa Talent Acquisition Suite quickly identifies best fit candidates using assessments powered by IBM Watson™ analytics. It is also easy to use, most hiring managers can use the system without training.


6. Proven SMB ATS

Proven Small Business ATS is a U.S.-based complete hiring solution for small and mid-sized businesses that allows managers and recruiters to hire as effectively as possible. Using Proven you can distribute your job to most major boards with one click to get more applicants, use our fully featured ATS to organize the process, set up a Proven hosted careers page, and much more. 

What is unique about Proven SMB ATS?

Proven’s simple but powerful interface makes it easy to use for everyone, even people who are not technologically savvy.  Furthermore, Proven offers a mobile app which allows employers to hire on the go and offers a complete hiring solution for small and mid-sized businesses.  Finally, Proven offers a U.S. based customer success team which can help customers with any hiring issues they face.


7. SAP SuccessFactors

SAP SuccessFactors wants you to “win the talent war, keep employees fully engaged, and transform your workforce for the future.” Using their system, you can do just that. They help you streamline your HR processes, win at the recruitment and retention game, train and re-skill your workforce, take advantage of technologies such as artificial intelligence and much more.

What is unique about SAP Success Factors?

SAP Success Factors provides software for core HR processes, as well as for benefits and payroll. They also provide software for time and attendance management, learning and development, performance, and more!


8. ADP Recruiting Management

ADP Recruiting Management supports your entire talent acquisition process and incorporates built in social and mobile tools to help you discover the best possible candidates.

What is unique about ADP Recruiting Management?

They understand the important role of social media and mobile devices in today’s world, and use that to their advantage. ADP Recruiting Management includes mobile-optimized platforms that include follow and share capabilities, as well as a mobile career center and application process.


9. SmartRecruiters Talent Acquisition Suite

SmartRecruiters Talent Acquisition Suite provides everything you need to attract, select, and hire great talent. They provide users with a customizable applicant tracking experience that can easily replace the one you already have. SmartRecruiters will build career pages, post placements on relevant boards, as well as find and hire the best applicants.

What is unique about SmartRecruiters Talent Acquisition Suite?

This system does not come with a pre-built structure, allowing users to build an applicant tracking system that will work best for them. SmartRecruiters also supports many file types, including some that can’t be read by other applicant tracking systems: DOC, RTF, PPT, ODT, TXT, PDF, PDF with images, and TIFF.


10. Jazz HR

Jazz HR is a customizable recruiting software and applicant tracking system. It allows you to post jobs on multiple job boards and social media sites all at once, screen applications with specific filters, and use reporting tools along the way. Depending on job type, you can set different stages in hiring process and customize workflows.


What is unique about Jazz HR?

Aside from being ranked #1 most user friendly ATS on the market by Capterra, JazzHR’s partner network and list of integrations continues to grow. Users have access to ADP, LinkedIn, ZipRecruiter, Facebook Jobs and more, all within a single platform.


11. UltiPro

UltiPro has over 25 years of market leadership experience and focuses on changing HR systems for the better. They combine talent, HR, payroll, time management and more – all in one reliable system. Designed simplistically, UltiPro puts all employee information in one place and helps hire, manage and analyze employees.  

What is unique about UltiPro?

UltiPro provides a useful Succession Management feature that allows employers to create proactive plans for professional growth and career advancement for any employee. Another well known feature is TouchBase, a tablet-based time clock, employee self-service device, and labor data collection platform.


12. SilkRoad Activate Recruiting

SilkRoad allows you to easily attract, screen, track, comply and hire in a time-saving manner. You can create a branded career portal that will immediately engage talent by team, role and location. The portal can be customized using video, blogs, testimonials, and more. SilkRoad also offers a mobile version that can be used to easily apply, reply to interview scheduling, and approve job requisitions.  

What is unique about SilkRoad?

SilkRoad provides a free job distribution network, empowering recruiters to source and reach qualified candidates fast. Once the candidate says “yes,” it is only one click to start their onboarding process and prepare for day-one.


13. Comeet

Comeet is a collaborative hiring system that encourages team-centric recruiting. It combines the useful parts of an applicant tracking system with workflow, collaboration, communication, interview and analytics functionality. Comeet is mobile friendly and allows businesses to come together and make hiring decisions as a team.

What is unique about Comeet?

Comeet has the capability to include multiple HR professionals and other employees in the hiring process. This helps open positions to get filled quickly with qualified job seekers and reduces the time that an important job is without a worker.


14. ApplicantStack

ApplicantStack is a full featured applicant tracking system that has been trusted by over 2500 customers for over 9 years. They serve small to midsize businesses and organizations, helping them attract, screen and hire the most qualified talent. Using the latest applicant tracking software, it eliminates the need for paperwork and streamlines hiring.

What is unique about ApplicantStack?

Their team is made up of former HR executives and recruiters who truly understand the features needed to streamline the hiring process. Because of this, the software is easy to set up, usually requiring only a few hours. ApplicantStack also provides a free trial that takes only minutes to set up.


15. PeopleFluent

PeopleFluent’s Talent Productivity Platform combines all of your talent search and management processes into one workspace that reflects your businesses culture and brand. It allows HR to communicate talent process and priorities to managers so they can make better talent decisions.

What is unique about PeopleFluent?

Their Talent Productivity Platform lets you design the employee and manager experience, giving you control over reflecting your brand, supporting workflow, and engaging your people.


16. Cornerstone OnDemand

Cornerstone OnDemand is a talent management system that provides recruitment, training, management, and collaboration solutions for all business sizes. Cornerstone takes care of all hiring needs and efficiently manages the entire process, shortening new hire time.  

What is unique about Cornerstone OnDemand?

Cornerstone OnDemand uses referral programs and powerful social sourcing tools to  reach as many candidates as possible. They also have analytic reporting tools that allow you to pinpoint where you get the best value in your recruitment efforts.


17. Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit specializes in applicant tracking and is devoted exclusively to HR teams and staffing agencies. With Zoho Recruit, you can easily manage applicant data, organize, categorize and shortlist candidates in less time. You can also use Zoho to communicate with candidates through integrated email, text and phone options.

What is unique about Zoho Recruit?

Zoho gives you a list of the active job openings and displays them in chronological orde, with open fields for the applicant to submit immediately. Zoho also has options for you to select criteria for your applicants to respond to, and Zoho will then automatically withdraw applicants who do not match your set criteria.


18. Breezy HR

Breezy HR is on a mission to modernize the recruiting process. Their system provides in depth candidate management, communication and interview scheduling, as well as social sourcing. Their social sourcing includes searching on sites such as LinkedIn, Indeed, Xing, GitHub, Angellist and more.

What is unique about Breezy HR?

Breezy HR provides a simple birds-eye view of your applicants and what stage they are in. There is an easy drag and drop management system that allows you complete control of candidates. You can automate tasks, upload or email in candidates automatically or in bulk, and use custom scorecards and interview guides.


19. Bullhorn

Bullhorn is a cloud-based applicant tracking and customer relationship management solution. Their goal is to automate your entire recruitment process, from front office to back office. Bullhorn helps to increase recruiter productivity, improve candidate experiences, and make better business decisions using faster search, insights and reports. 

What is unique about Bullhorn?

Bullhorn stands out as an ATS and CRM for staffing and recruiting firms through its ease of use, predictive intelligence and fast results. The system will notify you with actionable insights if anything looks wrong in an account, allowing you to avoid major problems.


20. Workable

Workable provides a single platform to manage the whole hiring process. They are an all-in-one software that sources, evaluates and tracks applicants while collaborating with hiring teams. Trusted by over 6000 companies, Workable is one of the most popular applicant tracking systems.

What is unique about Workable?

Workable requires no installation or setup fees, allowing you to get started in just ten minutes. Their platform also allows for teams to work together on hiring decisions through shared files, dispatch feedback, and email notifications.


21. Google Hire

Google Hire is a recruitment and applicant management tool for mid-sized organizations that works seamlessly with Google Calendar and Gmail. Google is often the first place people begin a job search, and their hiring system is based around that. Their system is optimized for Google search, giving you access to a huge pool of candidates.  

What is unique about Google Hire?

Google Hire allows you to customize the hiring stages to match the needs of different open positions. That means one job may require a coding test, while the other may only need a phone interview. This flexibility allows you to make sure you are finding candidates who have the exact skills you are searching for.  


22. Lever

Lever’s Talent Acquisition Suite aims to “make hiring more efficient and more human.” It is set up as a one of a kind system and combines an applicant tracking system and a customer relationship management software. It also allows users to create career websites with online profiles for each candidate.

What is unique about Lever?

Lever gives you all of your recruitment data via their analytic tools and recruitment metrics,allowing you to draft progress reports. Lever also has a LinkedIn plugin that enables recruiters to view profiles and directly import them into Lever’s database.



23. ClearCompany

ClearCompany is a complete talent management system that provides everything you need to hire, retain, and engage employees. ClearCompany utilizes your company’s mission and vision to find top talent while also providing every feature and administrative need.

What is unique about ClearCompany?

ClearCompany provides automated checks and verification of candidates. You can trust the system with background checks, E-verify integration, I-9 management, and WOTC management, all in one place.


24. Bamboo HR

Bamboo HR is an easy-to-use, cloud based human resource software for small and medium businesses. The human resource information system provides an applicant tracking system and tools to manage every step of the employment process. From employee self-onboarding to time-off tracking, this software helps manage every employee.

What is unique about Bamboo HR?

Bamboo HR thrives with it’s reporting capabilities. Along with the usual Equal Employment Opportunity reports, you can also pull benefit reports. These benefit reports are based off of files already stored in the database, and the system will automatically find and summarize all applicable taxes. This feature, like all of them in Bamboo HR, is also supported on mobile!  


25. Workday

Workday Recruiting is a recruitment software solution that helps with every step of the process. From creating your workforce plans to onboarding new hires, Workday helps build great teams. They believe that recruiting should be a team effort and their software makes it easy for your hiring team to collaborate and take action on candidates at any time.

What is unique about Workday?

Workday has a mobile-first recruiting system that allows you to speed up your recruiting process. You are able to view candidate profiles, promote talent and open new jobs, and make offers quickly with recruiting and compensation in one place.

Paige Garner

Paige Garner is the Marketing Coordinator for Proven. When she is not tweeting, blogging or writing, she loves spending time with her Pomeranian, Chips!

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