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The Bird: One of the Last True Watering Holes in Jackson, Wyoming | Will Nowack & Ted Hansen

One of the Last True Watering Holes in Jackson, Wyoming

On today’s episode we are joined by Will Nowack and Ted Hansen, co-owners of The Bird, a fun bar and restaurant where you can enjoy the laid-back ambiance while having some great food.

Will and Ted become owners of the bar after the previous owner decided to sell. Will was the General Manager of the bar at the time, and Ted worked at another bar in town. They both decided to purchase the bar together and their journey began there.

They transformed the bar into a place that encourages having a great time, calling themselves “one of the last true watering holes in Jackson Hole.”

This week on Small Business War Stories, Will Nowack and Ted Hansen join us from Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Three reasons to tune in this week: 

  • Hear how they give back to their community through theme nights, raffles, and more.
  • Learn about the ways they stay a step ahead of their competition, including offering a shuttle service.
  • Discover how Will and Ted have become successful with no advertising at all.

Listen to the podcast:


This episode is part of the Soul of America tour sponsored by Freshbooks. During October 2017, I took my second tour of America. I drove with my puppy Muddy Waggers, my guitar, and my podcasting equipment with the goal of recording podcast episodes with small business owners throughout the heart of America.

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Pablo Fuentes

Pablo Fuentes was the Founder and CEO of Proven. He was also the host and producer of the Small Business War Stories podcast. Pablo is currently the Founder of makepath, a spatial analysis firm. He is a graduate of the Stanford Graduate School of Business and UCLA. He loves dogs, film photography, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He is also a blues guitar player and builder.

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