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Technology Jobs: The 10 Best Places to Hire Tech Talent

Technology Job Sites | Best Places To Hire Tech Talent

We recently published our list of the best places to hire startup talent… but what about the more the best tech job boards?

There are plenty of job boards offering technology jobs. However, when you are looking for specific tech talent, you will want to visit a job site that specializes in that sector. 

To help you get started, we have created this list of the 10 best places to hire for technology jobs. Use these technology job sites to help give your position maximum visibility so you can recruit the absolute best talent. Whether you are simply looking for an IT technician or a Data Scientist, these tech job boards have you covered! 

Dice.com – Use Dice.com to search over 80,000 technology jobs. Dice works with many top tech companies, such as Dell, Ebay, Cisco and more. They show trending job searches and allow you to filter job listings based on location, job type and much more. As a job seeker you can post your resume to the public while searching for jobs. For employers, they allow access to posted resumes and provide fiver different payment options depending on your job posts. Dice also provides access to hiring, interview, and resume tips through their toolkit.

Crunchboard.com – Crunchboard is the official job board from TechCrunch, the leading authority on tech and startup culture. TechCrunch has an engaged audience of over 12 million readers monthly. Job postings on Crunchboard will be visible on the TechCrunch network including the website, daily newsletters and social channels. For employers looking to post a job, they provide three different job pack options. For job seekers, the website is easy to use and allows searching by keyword, location, and distance.  

GitHub – GitHub offers many technology jobs. They offer both office-based and remote jobs internationally. They make posting a job quick and easy, while keeping pricing simple by charging per listing. Job seekers can search by job title, company, benefits and more.

iCrunchData – iCrunchData is the leading source for analytics, technology and data jobs. They work with huge companies such as Disney, Microsoft, T-Mobile and more. Applicants can post their resumes and apply to job openings, as well as sign up for job posting notifications. For employers, this tech job board platform is highly evolved with advanced distribution channels to reach both active and passive job seekers. They offer six different pricing options, ranging from one time postings to posting packages.

Stack Overflow Careers– Stack Overflow Careers is a job board serving programmers and engineers. More than 50 million developers visit Stack each month, making it an ideal place to find candidates. They understand that hiring developers can be tough and they strive to make it easier through insights, knowledge, and hiring tools. Job seekers are encouraged to create a developer story that allows businesses to notice your skills.

TechCareers – TechCareers is a database of continuously updated opportunities at tech companies. They have over 250,000 openings posted on their website and work with over 100,000 companies. TechCareers knows that hiring the right people means reaching out to the right candidates, and that’s exactly what they do. They reach out to candidates through basic postings, email campaigns, and even texting.

RubyNow – RubyNow is a job board for ruby developers. Over the past ten years, they have been the most trusted ruby job board. They have over 10,000 active job seekers and over 5,000 listed jobs. For employers, RubyNow provides three different pricing options based on how long you would like to list the job and where it will be shared. For job seekers, you can search by featured jobs and sign up to be notified when new jobs are posted.

Jobs Match Skills – JobsMatchSkills offers listings for careers in technology, big data and analytics. They provide job seekers with a match score after uploading your resume and listing your skills, showing you companies that are searching for the qualifications you have. 

IT Job Pro – IT Job Pro is a portal to the best IT professionals worldwide. This job board has job listings throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. They strive to save both employers and job seekers time while going through the hiring process. For job seekers, they have placed all IT jobs in one place and provide a simple searching system. For employers, ITJobPro strives for the fastest response times to job postings.

Tech Fetch – Tech Fetch serves 2.5+ million users and about 300,000+ jobs each year. This is a great job board to gain access to the best tech talent. For employers, they offer a 7 day free trial including 100 resume views with full contact details. For job seekers, you can search through their jobs by keywords and location, as well as browse events such as job fairs.

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Next time you need to fill a tech job, try one of these technology focused job boards to tap into some hidden talent.

Are there any great resources we left out?

We like to keep this content as fresh as possible!

Also, take a look at our post featuring over 100+ different job boards to expand your search even further.


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