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Sales Jobs: The Top Places to Hire Sales Professionals

Best Sales Jobs

Looking to fill a sales position?

Rather than looking for candidates on big job boards like Monster and Indeed for a specific sales position, an employer can post on more niche job boards that specialize in sales positions throughout the country.

We compiled this list  to help employers find the most engaged and qualified sales employees around! 

Sales Jobs at Proven 
Proven offers sales positions, as well as many other positions. Proven aggregates jobs across 100+ job boards making sure that each job is successfully filled with your ideal sales employee. – 
Sales Gravy hosts a job board that features jobs from thousands of employers offering lucrative sales positions. Over 7,000 employers use Sales Gravy to search candidates, reach out to potential employees, and hire better salespeople- faster. – is a searchable database of sales job throughout The United States. For employers, you can post to over 200 job board and social media sites through your choice of 3 different posting prices. There is always no contract or commitment, you can cancel anytime and they even offer a 30-day money back guarantee.
SalesHeads offers a database of fresh and relevant sales opportunities to connect jobseekers with industry contacts. SalesHeads uses Nexxt hiring, allowing employers to obtain high-volume hiring, establish their recruitment brand, and to hire from anywhere around the globe.

Dado Match – 
Dado Match is a community of sales professionals. They host a job board with sales positions across The United States. Employers can post for free to the exclusive community of sales professionals actively looking for new opportunities. They also provide social media sharing and organized posts as well as matches.

Post to the best job boards with the Proven hiring system ⟶

Next time you are looking to fill your sales jobs (or if you are looking to find a job for yourself!), check out these job boards.  

Are there any great resources we left out?  Let us know in the comments.  

We like to keep this content as fresh as possible.

Happy Hunting! 

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