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Rob Nance & the Lost Souls: Pursuing a Career in Music on the American Highways, from North Carolina to New Mexico | Rob Nance

On today’s episode we are joined by Rob Nance & the Lost Souls, a traveling band from North Carolina.

Rob, Jordan, and Dylan have all been playing music since they were children. Inspired by the Southeast region, they began playing separately in bluegrass bands and ended up meeting each other through the community.

Now, they make up Rob Nance & the Lost Souls, recording together and traveling the country on tours.

This week on Small Business War Stories, Rob Nance & the Lost Souls join us from Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Three reasons to tune in this week: 

  • Discover the ways the band networks in order to find places to stay and perform while on the road.
  • Learn how the band finds venues that fit their vibe and how they handle different types of crowds.
  • Hear about the logistics of the music business, including bookings, recording, performance, and passion.

Listen to the podcast:


This episode is part of the Soul of America tour sponsored by Freshbooks. During October 2017, I took my second tour of America. I drove with my puppy Muddy Waggers, my guitar, and my podcasting equipment with the goal of recording podcast episodes with small business owners throughout the heart of America.

If you have any questions or comments about today’s episode, please leave them below.

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