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How does Proven help with hiring?
How does Proven save you time?
How can I use Proven to get a job?
User Permission Levels
How to Use an ATS with Proven
How to Post an Anonymous Job
How can I download and print the resumes?
How can I share my post to social media?
How can I add a logo/cover page?
How can I delete applicants?
I applied to my own job but I don’t see it?
How long does my job stay open?
Applicants are not showing up for their interviews!

What is Proven?

How does Proven help with hiring?

Proven is the one-stop shop for small business hiring. Using our tool your job post is share on our extensive and nationwide Proven Job Network with one click.  You can then sort, categorize, message and even onboard applicants with our easy to use web portal.

Benefits of Using Proven

  • Get more and better quality applicants
  • Save time on sorting resumes and messaging applicants
  • Work with multiple locations/managers.
  • Hire directly on your phone
  • Get a Proven careers page

To get started, simply visit www.Proven.com and enter your email address where it says “Start Hiring Now!”

How Does Proven Save You Time?

Do you need/want to save time in the hiring process?

Well you’re in luck, in addition to saving you time by allowing you to distribute your job post to over 100 job sites with one click, Proven has several features aimed at saving you time!

Evaluating Applicants

Using Proven you can categorize applicants quickly and easily. You can then save time by bulk messaging the “Yes,” “No,” and “Maybe” applicants. You can also more easily remember which applicants are good and which are not, preventing you from duplicating effort.

Collaborate More Effectively

Using Proven, you can add users and collaborate with them by leaving notes on candidates, forwarding along resumes and by sharing the responsibility of evaluating applicants.

Hire on the Go

Download the Proven Mobile App where you can post jobs, view applicants and message them all on the go. With the app, you can do your hiring during downtime rather than having to dedicate a block of time.

Reduce No-Shows

One huge time waste for hiring managers is interview no-shows. However, you can use Proven’s interview scheduler to reduce no-shows. The interview scheduler reminds candidates of the interview and encourages them to inform you if they are not going to make it.

Eliminate Email Attachments

Downloading, saving and looking at potentially hundreds of resumes in your email takes hours. Proven’s software does this all automatically and puts the resume in an easy to view format. You can also more easily print, forward and save the resume.

Improve Communication with Applicants

Emailing back and forth with candidates can be a huge time drain. It is challenging to keep track of which candidate is which, to make sure emails are not lost and to have a record of the conversation. Fortunately, Proven’s messaging feature eliminates this hassle.

How can I use Proven to get a job?

Thousands of employers across the country use Proven to post their jobs and hire employees. As a result, it is a great place for you to start your job search and easily apply to many different jobs in one place quickly.

Proven is free for job seekers, click here to sign up or visit the Proven website and click “sign up” in the top right corner.

Once you’re on the sign-up page, scroll down and click the looking for a job link.

You should be able to create an account by simply inputting your email and password and clicking submit.

Once you’ve logged in you will be prompted to enter your search location. Simply pick your location and click save location.

You are now in the Proven job portal! From here you can scroll and look at featured jobs and recently posted jobs. You can also search for jobs based on their title, keyword or by company.

When you’re ready to apply, click on the job title.

You are now on the job specific page where you can read more about the job. Now, click the green button which says “Apply Now.”

Just fill out your information and click “submit application”. Congratulations, you’ve applied for your first job using Proven! Just repeat the process and you’ll have a job in no time!

If you’re an employer please click here to learn how Proven can simplify your hiring process!


Using Proven (Posting Jobs and Using Features)


User Permission Levels

Full Access Users: Full access users are able to post jobs, view billing, add users, add locations, edit Monster job board settings, and view all active jobs.

Restricted Access Users: Restricted users are unable to post jobs, will only be able to view jobs if they are listed as a job contact, and cannot view billing or add users.


How to Use an ATS with Proven

If you use an external ATS and simply want to use Proven for distribution, you can do that!

To direct applicants that find your job through Proven to your ATS, simply find the “Apply Method” drop down on the job details screen.

Then, simply enter the url to your ATS and you’re all set!

How to Post an Anonymous Job

Sometimes you need to hire anonymously and using Proven you can post your jobs anonymously which automatically removes the company name and logo.

To post an anonymous job, click “create a posting” just like you normally would.  Then, on the job description screen, check the box that says “Make My Job Anonymous.”

You will need to make sure that the job description doesn’t contain your company name since the anonymous button won’t affect anything in the actual job details section.


How can I download and print the resumes?

In order to print resumes start by clicking on one of the applicants names.

Once on an individual applicant, click “print resume.”

Click next candidate and repeat the process in order to download the resumes for a particular job.

How can I share my post to social media?

haring your post to social media is a great way to get more applicants.

Start by logging into the Proven dashboard here.

From the dashboard click the “jobs” link in the top navigation bar.

Within the jobs section, find the job that you want to share on social media. Click the share button as shown in the image below.

Finally, on the right-hand side of the screen, you should see several social media buttons. Choose where you want to share the job and click the appropriate social media icon. You will be directed to the social media site and simply click share!

How can I add a logo/cover page?

To add a logo/cover page to your Proven account first, log into the dashboard here.

Once you have logged in click the button called “account” in the top right corner of the screen.

This will bring up a drop-down menu. Within the drop-down menu click location info.

Once you have clicked location info you should see a page with your current logo/cover image. Simply click edit as shown in the picture below.

Once you have clicked edit, a pop-up will appear. Click “choose a file” and upload your image. Congratulation you have changed your logo/cover image!

How can I delete applicants?

You cannot permanently delete applicants due to HR compliance laws.

If you have further questions please click the chat box in the lower right corner of your screen to contact customer support.

General Questions

I didn’t get enough applicants

If you didn’t get enough applicants and have a particularly difficult position to fill, there are a couple of options you can pursue.

1. Optimize your job posting

It’s always a great idea to think of your job posting like an ad, you’re trying to convince applicants that your company would be a great place to work and that they should send in their resume.

To help, we put together this article on How to Optimize a Job Posting.

Additionally, if you have some specific ads you’d like help with, please feel free to reach out either via email (support@proven.com) and we’ll be more than happy to help you!

2. Add premium boards for more reach

The base Proven option goes to over 100 different job boards. However, sometimes for difficult positions, you need even more reach. That’s why we offer premium job boards. Premium boards allow

Premium boards allow you to spend a bit more to get even more reach and applicants.

To add a premium board, simply log in to Proven. Click the re-post button next to your job title which will bring you to the edit job post screen.

Scroll down and click re-post. This will create a pop-up, click the button that says “Add More Job Boards.”

From there, you should see a list of the premium job boards option and a description!

3. Reach Out to Proven

Here at Proven, we want to help your hire more effectively and a big part of that is making sure you’re getting enough candidates. If you have any questions or need any help with your ad, please feel free to reach out via email (support@proven.com).

I applied to my own job but I don’t see it?

If you applied to your own position you may not see the application.

This is because as part of Proven’s service, we screen out all the junk or fraudulent applications to save you time in the hiring process.

If you apply and don’t put any text in the description, use a title like “test,” apply using the email associated with the account or generally submit an application that is not legitimate, it will be removed before you see it!

This doesn’t mean that your job is not live on the board or that it isn’t working. If you’d like, you can reach out to our support at support@proven.com for more explanation and confirmation that we did screen out the test application!

How long does my job stay open?

When you post a job it will stay active for 30 days with all of our job board partners.

If you need the posting to come down because you’ve already hired someone, you can log in to Proven, find the job and select close job from the buttons next to the job title!

Applicants are not showing up for their interviews!

There are several ways you can improve appearance rates for your interviews.

1. Message candidates quickly.

Often when candidates are looking for jobs they will apply to 5-10 jobs at one time. Many managers make the mistake of waiting for a week or more to message candidates or to set up an interview. As a result, candidates get snapped up by other companies and don’t come to your interviews.

2. Use the interview scheduling feature.

Proven’s integrated interview scheduling feature is a great way to reduce no-shows. Simply schedule the interview with the candidate and we will automatically remind both you and the candidate before the interview starts. This dramatically reduces no-shows.

The interview scheduling feature is located within each candidate profile as can be seen in the photo below.

3. Report the candidate to Proven.

If a candidate fails to show after the previous two suggestions. Please mark them as a no show using the scheduling feature. If they have a few no-shows we can black list them from the system and prevent them from applying using the Proven job board.



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