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How to Post a Job on Monster – The Complete Guide

How To Post A job To Monster.com

If you have gone through a hiring process, then chances are that you are familiar with Monster.

We are not talking about the energy drink, here.

Monster.com is one of the original online job boards when they got started in 1999.

Monster is a powerful recruiting resource that offers a bevy of hiring tools to get your job advertisement seen by the masses. Monster uses different kind of job ads to help employers reach the widest, most applicable audience of active candidates.

Monster.com Pricing

Your default option, when posting to Monster, will be a Premium Job Ad. Premium Job Posts, starting at $299 for a 30 day post, may seem like a hefty price to pay. However, Monster truly employs great resources to help you reach a wide audience, find a great applicant and avoid the hassle of having to hire again in a few months’ time.

When you consider the cost of hiring again and again, the $299 pricetag is a relatively small one.

There are several add-ons (at an added price) to further boost your job posting on Monster. For example, there is job bolding, job refresh, and career ad network.

If you are looking for a skilled worker or an hourly worker, you may also buy a skilled and hourly worker job ad for $119. While that sounds amazing when compared to the somewhat hefty price of a premium ad, consider the following.

  • Monster, unlike other job boards, does not necessarily specialize in hourly workers, therefore many hourly workers are not looking for job openings on Monster.
  • The skilled and hourly worker job post only stays like for 14 days.
  • You may only choose from Monster’s list of approved hourly job ad job titles to use this option.

In addition to these options, Monster also offers Standard Job Ads, Veteran Job Ads and even ye old-fashioned Newspaper Job Ad.

Without further ado, here is a step-by-step process on how to post your job through Monster.com.

Step One: Navigate to Monster

Visit Monster’s homepage for employers at Monster.com.

Click the blue botton on the top right-hand corner that says “Employers – Post Jobs & Find Talent”.

Step Two: Pass The Scary Monster and Post a Job 

Decide here whether you want to post one job or multiple jobs. Even if you do not have an existing Monster.com account, you will be led to a page where you can immediately get to posting your job.

Step Three: Tell Monster A Few Things

What do you want to hire for?

Monster will now prompt you to fill in a few small details, including:

  • Job Title
  • Location
  • Company Name
  • Company Size (# of employees)

Don’t be daunted by immediately giving information!

You will find that Monster will help you autofill suggested positions & location. Maybe this doesn’t seem like a big deal while you’re reading this tutorial, but autofill really helps speed up the process, especially for your next step.

Step Four: Create That Job!

Job Details

I admit it. This page looks daunting, but all of this information is crucial to getting you the right candidates in the right geo for your open position! Above the fold, you will find room to input the basics of the job and company. Some of this will already be pre-filled from the prior page.

Job Description

This is the bulkiest and arguably the most important part of writing your job post. If you have input a job title, chances are that Monster has a job description template ready for you to work with, should you choose to use it.

However, I would highly recommend creating the body of your job description in word processing software instead of creating it within the body. Have you ever had your internet fail right as you pressed “submit” on a lengthy paragraph?

Consider creating your base job description elsewhere or copy and pasting it to an email for safe keeping. Save yourself from potential heartbreak by having a job description handy in your own files.

Once you have the text ready, make sure to take advantage of Monster’s formatting tools. Use the bullets, paragraph formatting and font formatting (ie bold or italic) to make your post stand out.  

No job seeker wants to read a massive block of text. Very few job seekers will stick around a blocked job description when there are hundreds of formatted job posts to find on Monster.com and other job boards.


Cool Tool Alert:

Monster has a tool called Compensation Benchmarking. This will take the position title, location and industry into consideration when benchmarking appropriate salaries. This tool ensures an accurate price for the talent and helps an employer to ensure the best compensation strategy.

After you have input the meaty part of the job post, Monster has more great optional features to showcase. For an extra punch of visibility, consider uploading your company logo. This will immediately attract applicants who recognize your company.

In addition, you can use the “Apply Methods” account to link your job to an existing Monster account, if you have one (If you don’t have one, don’t worry, you can always create one later!)

You may also direct applicants to an external URL to continue the application process. While we don’t usually advise too many steps in an application process, this could be a great place to link you Applicant Tracking System to your Monster job post to streamline the process. If you don’t currently use an ATS, you can disregard this step.

Finally, before hitting the Continue button, you can preview what your post will look like. Do this before submitting to make sure all the information is there, the job post is well-formatted and that everything looks good.

Apply Method

Step Five: Pay for Your Job Post

Payment Form

After you have decided the length of your job post(s), written the job description and filled out the pertinent information, it is time to pay up. The pricing of your job will be dependant on a few factors, including the duration of the job post (30 or 60 days). Make sure that all of this information is complete and correct.

BONUS: Post to Monster and Proven

Post to Monster on Proven

Did you know that you can post out to Monster and Proven in one fell swoop? Well you can!

As one of our partnered job boards, you may use your Proven account to post to Monster.

In fact, rather than remembering passwords for Snagajob, Craigslist, Proven and Monster, you can access all of these resources through your Proven account. Next time you are posting, make sure to select the options to post out to the premium job boards of your choice!

Looking for a great hourly worker for your restaurant? Use Proven and Snagajob together!

Looking for a fabulous administrative assistant to be the backbone of your office? Use Monster and Proven together!

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