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Maximize Your Indeed Job Postings (The Ultimate Guide)


Maximize Your Indeed Job Postings (The Ultimate Guide)Hiring a new employee can be a costly venture for a business.

Once you have crafted a detailed job post, you will have a pretty ample selection of job boards from which to choose.

Indeed, with its 200+ million monthly user base, is a tried and true resource for employers and job seekers alike. Indeed outperforms its closest competitor by delivering more than six times as many interviews per job ad.

Indeed for employers is a user-friendly site that offers simple processes for posting your job openings.

As an employer, you may reach millions of job seekers (and their high quality resumes) by using Indeed. Indeed offers arguably the most qualified candidates for the lowest price. You may opt to post a free ad or a sponsored (paid) job advertisement.

How does Indeed work for employers?

Indeed allows users (and even non-users!) to advertise their jobs in four different ways:

I. Job posting on your Indeed account (free):

To create a free job posting, create an Indeed login with your company email. Add the information to your job advertisement and post to Indeed for free. We take you through the steps to post free on Indeed below.

See detailed instructions.

II. Organic search to your careers page (free):

Another way to post Indeed is to link to your careers page (if you have one). Indeed is constantly using advanced search engines to crawl sites and add job listings to their site.

See detailed instructions.

III. Sponsored job posting through Indeed (paid):

The process for creating a sponsored Indeed job posting is similar to creating a free job post. However with a paid Indeed job post, you will pay-per-click to your post. Clicks on usually range from $0.25 – $1.50 per click.

See detailed instructions.

IV. Sponsored posts through your careers page or ATS (paid):

You may also opt to host an Indeed-sponsored post on your careers page or through your own ATS. Indeed integrates with many Applicant Tracking Systems, making tracking your applicants easier than ever.

See detailed instructions.

Those are the basics. We’ll take you through detailed steps of all four options below.

I:  How to Post a Job for Free on Indeed (FREE)

There are a few steps to completing the free online job post.

Here is a virtual tour of what you will need to complete, to have your job listing go live.

When you want to post a free Indeed job listing you will have to:

  • Create an account with Indeed
  • Fill in the relevant job requirements
  • And finally, click post

Simple, quick and easy.

Let’s hand hold you through those steps…

Step 1: Create an Account

  • Head on over to Indeed
  • At the top of the page – Click on: Employers/Post Job (free)
  • You’ll spot the “Post Job” button left of center on the page. Click it!

Your Next Hire

You will now be prompted to create an account.

  • Fill in your email address
  • Choose a password
  • Click continue

(if you already have an existing account with you will simply click the “sign in” button on the top right)

Step 2: Fill in Job Details

Indeed will prompt you to enter information including the job title, company location, salary and experience needed in a few easy forms.

Once, you pass through these details, Indeed will provide you with a text box in which to write your job ad.

Ensure you are not just cutting and pasting job descriptions. Spend some time crafting the right copy that will draw the right applicant to your post. Quality written posts attract quality applicants. Trust us, it is the difference between a mediocre pool and a perfect pool of candidates.

To keep this job free, do not click the “sponsor this job for more views” box. However, if you do want to pay for more traffic, we cover the details about this below.

II: How to Get Your Job Posting into
Indeed’s Organic Search (FREE)

Indeed uses powerful search engines to constantly prowl the internet for job listings.

The goal is to create a post that ranks well on search engines. Do this right and Indeed’s vast crawlers will pick your job right up, 100% free!

If you want to be spotted and linked to by Indeed try these options:

Step 1: Ensure Job Title Clarity

  • Your job title must be spelled out clearly
  • Be on its own line at the top of your posting
  • Should STAND OUT
  • Be as specific you can be
  • Avoid using “buzzy” words like ninja or rockstar

Step 2: Provide Your Company’s Name

Step 3: Include ONLY one Physical Location with City, State and Zipcode

If you don’t have a physical company address add your home address details or your P.O Box.

Step 4: One Job, One Page

Do not try to fill several positions with one job post. Each job must get its very own listing or Indeed will skip right by it.

Step 5: Ensure your Job Description is Optimized for Search

You want to include many industry-specific keywords. Be careful not to make it seem dry and spammy from being drenched in keywords.

Repeated keywords are magnets for search engines but you also want your copy to be appealing. Strike a balance by writing a post that is weighted equally for best SEO and human response.

Step 6: Insert a Clear Submission Process

It must be super easy for applicants to submit their resumes.

Add a clear call to action where you prospective employees may apply. Make this process as clear and easy as possible

Asking a candidate to download an app, visit another external site or show up in person will vastly diminish your responses.

Pro Tip:

Once you have completed all of the best practices above, to ensure your free posting is picked up, you may contact Indeed directly. Share with them your XML feed to give them a direct line to your jobs.

PPC or pay-per-click job ads allow employers to pay only for the amount of times their job ad is seen. For example, instead of shelling out a flat fee of $50, Indeed will only charge an employer for each click to their job post.

A sponsored job posting will set you back about $0.25 -$1.50 per click, which then takes you to the top of search results. Your job post can be on your own site or it can be posted straight to Indeed (see post a job image above).

With sponsored listings, you are automatically ranked as one of the top three listings on the page or the bottom three. Automatically, this placement increases your sponsored Indeed ad’s visibility by 5x!

Other listings fall further and further down in the search result as they “age” while a sponsored listing always stays on top.

You can also opt to control how much you spend by setting a daily, monthly, or overall budget.  You can stop sponsoring your Indeed job ad at any time without incurring any fees

Indeed won’t display your advertisement once your spending limit has been reached.

IV: Host A Sponsored Post on Your Careers Page (PAID)

One great thing about Indeed is that they integrate with basically every ATS.

If your company uses an ATS, you might consider posting a sponsored Indeed post on your own careers page. This way, your job post will be highly visible on Indeed’s sponsored listings and on your own careers site.

Use a Connected ATS to get some of the best (and most organized) results from Indeed. Employers who integrated Indeed with their existing ATS found a 67% decrease in their cost per qualified applicant.

Using a powerful ATS alongside sponsored jobs ads on Indeed will ensure that you are putting the best technology to use in the search for your next candidate.

Don’t have an ATS? No problem! Indeed has technology available at no charge that allow you to track applicants when you post directly to Indeed.

In Conclusion

Indeed is a powerful tool for job seekers and employers alike.

Whether you have hundreds of dollars to spend on your next hire or a limited budget, Indeed has you covered. With the ability to post a sponsored ad to Indeed or opt for a free Indeed post, any employer can implement this powerful connective tool.

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