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Atomic Athlete: Growing Stronger with Purpose-Driven Fitness Training in Austin, Texas | Tod Moore

Growing Stronger with Purpose-Driven Fitness Training | Tod Moore

Faced with a new year, you are probably reading about diet cleanses and all sorts of 30 day challenges to transform your body- and quick!

Tod Moore of Atomic Athlete started his “Fitness with a Purpose” approach with some rusty barbells out of the back of a truck in Austin, Texas. 

Rather than piggybacking on fad workouts, Tod Moore was more interested in identifying individual strengths and weaknesses, honing in on them and building out a sustainable physical fitness system.

This week on Small Business War Stories, Tod takes us into his journey into 

Three reasons to tune in this week:

  • Learn about how Tod Moore bootstrapped a fitness business that would outlive faddish exercise routines. 
  • Learn about how Tod differentiates a short-lived “challenge” from developing strong, injury-free, and sustainable physical habits that will outlast any time-based challenge. 
  • Learn about building mental toughness through rigorous, “no hugs given” workouts. 

Listen to the podcast:


Pablo Fuentes

Pablo Fuentes is the CEO of Proven. He is a graduate of the Stanford Graduate School of Business and UCLA. He is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner and a blues guitar player and builder.

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