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SBWS x SXSW: Finding Comfort in Communication | Eric Waisman


South by Southwest (SXSW) hosts conferences and festivals that celebrate the interactive, film, and music industries.  It takes place in Austin, Texas for two weeks during mid-March, hosting thousands of people from around the world.

For SXSW 2018, we will be interviewing small business leaders from around the world.

On our last SXSW episode we interview Eric Waisman, the founding instructor of Jaunty, the school of social intelligence.

Eric believes that human communication has been skewed by online interaction and strives to help people who are uncomfortable in face to face situations. We all know that it has become incredibly easy to connect with others through our phones and computers, but unfortunately people aren’t as comfortable as they should be once they are in person. This is where Eric and Jaunty come in to help. Jaunty teaches social intelligence and communications skills through acceptance and continued practice. 

This week on Small Business War Stories, we are joined by Eric Waisman of Jaunty.

Three reasons to tune in:

  • Learn how Eric observes clients and decides how to help them based on their feelings and anxieties.
  • Learn the best handshake to give when meeting new people.
  • Learn tips on how to be comfortable communicating in all aspects of life.

Listen to the podcast:


Pablo Fuentes

Pablo Fuentes was the Founder and CEO of Proven. He was also the host and producer of the Small Business War Stories podcast. Pablo is currently the Founder of makepath, a spatial analysis firm. He is a graduate of the Stanford Graduate School of Business and UCLA. He loves dogs, film photography, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He is also a blues guitar player and builder.

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