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The Perfect Cashier Job Description

Cashier Job Description

A great cashier is a staple of many different kinds of businesses.  

The cashier is one of the more ubiquitous jobs in existence.  

With the requisite skills, a cashier could find employement at a bank, a fast food location or at big box stores like Walmart.  

A great cashier will not only provide a pleasant experience for a customer, but will also have the ability to cross-sell and recommend other items/services that may be of interest, much like a Sales Associate

This cashier job description is optimized for posting on career sites and job boards and is easily customizable for your company.  

Job Title: Cashier at COMPANY NAME

NAME in LOCATION is interviewing candidates for Cashier positions.

An ideal candidate should be a qualified cashier, who has great customer service abilities and the ability to accurately count money transactions.  

Key Requirements:

  • Great attention to detail and accuracy
  • A friendly and welcoming demeanor 
  • Flexible schedule 


  • Enter and process customer transactions
  • Answer customer questions 
  • Direct customers to the correct department
  • Bag purchased items
  • Organize and count money
  • Process customer exchanges & returns
  • Resolve customer complaints 
  • Assist in stocking shelves
  • Open and close cash registers
  • Maintain a clean working space

To Apply:

  • Submit resume detailing your experience
  • Submit a cover letter explaining why you would be a great fit

* You must be legal to work in the United States.


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