7 Signs It’s Time to Let Go of A Bad Employee!

Signs to Let Go of a Bad Employee

I have started many posts with this statement, Hiring is HARD.  In addition to that, hiring is also costly.  

Onboarding and training a new employee is time-consuming.  

In the past, we touched upon employees to avoid, but sometimes you end up with a rotten egg anyway.  Often it seems so daunting that you hold on to shabby employees in order to avoid it.   

But a bad employee can really hurt your business and how effect your good employees are able to perform. 

In this post, we layout 7 signs that you should be paying attention to that indicate it’s time to pull the trigger and let go of that bad apple.

1. They Are Over It

Is a project overdue or completely pushed aside?  When you confront the employee, does he or she just shrug it off? If an employee becomes apathetic towards his or her job and responsibilities, it may be time to consider replacing them.  If an employee only meets the bare minimum and has no zest for the job, it’s probably best to let them go.  

2. Other Employees Are Over It

Have other employees come to you to complain about this particular employee?  This sort of dissatisfaction is like wildfire.  If co-workers feel like someone is disruptive, undeserving or dragging a team down, they will turn to management.  When management fails to respond to this kind of dissatisfaction, they could face the addition of office-wide frustration.  Don’t let one person drag an entire team down!

3. It’s Causing (Extra) Work for Everyone Else

If one employee is not pulling his/her weight, it means someone has to do it!  It often means that several people are tasked with picking up the slack.  This causes a loss of focus across the board.  There is no reason to be paying an extra person only to have others doing the work!  

4. The Writing is On The Wall (Their Facebook Wall)

Is this employee complaining on social media?  That is a very easy way to tell that it is time.  Also, it is super unprofessional behavior.  You are better off being if you are not connected with someone who badmouths on social media.  This is probably the dumbest move an employee can make, to be frank.    

5. Constantly Calling In

This is the employee who, all of a sudden, has doctors appointments, family emergencies, and general disturbances that disallow them from coming into work.  Don’t use this as your only indicator.  Make sure this aligns with other behaviors we mentioned above.  

6. They Shut Down

The employee, who used to be very social, it very withdrawn.  The employee now disappears during lunch, leaves promptly at five and doesn’t speak with anyone unless absolutely necessary.  This employee seems to avoid engaging with people around the office at all costs.  

7. No Improvement

This employee has been warned or instructed.  Maybe you took the employee aside to address particular problems. This meeting is then either met with complete disinterest or promises that completely fall through the cracks.  If the problems are made clear and the employee does not address them, this is a huge sign that it is time to go!

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We hope you found these warning signs helpful.  Don’t let one rotten employee ruin the pleasant work atmosphere you worked so hard to create!


Caileen Kehayas

Caileen is the Director of Marketing at Proven. When she is not blogging or tweeting, she likes to hit the nearest trail for a run, take her camera on a trip or curl up with a good book.

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  1. If the employee has been dealing with confidential data, make sure to get a non-compete agreement signed by them. This is to prevent departing employees from unfairly competing with a former employer by making use of confidential or proprietary information of the former employer.

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