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How To Write A Job Description [Infographic]

Posted by Caileen Kehayas on September 7, 2016

The job description is likely the first hurdle in jumpstarting your hiring process.

Some managers nab a job description template, hit copy and paste, throw the job out on a few job boards and call it a day.

Not surprisingly, those tend to be the managers that find themselves hiring for the same positions six months down the line. Tsk tsk!

Knowing how to write a job description that will inspire job seekers can be tricky business.

The perfect job description will be a mixture of essential information (responsibilities, requirements, description of position), character (infusing company culture, using colloquial language) and a few tips and tricks to make it stand out in a search.

We created this infographic to help you through the process of taking your job description and transforming it into the perfect job ad to bring in only the best candidates.

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Job Descriptions: The Complete List (100+ Amazing Templates)

Posted by Sean Falconer on June 7, 2016

Hiring is painful and difficult at the best of times.

And writing a great job description can be a real challenge.

To solve this problem, we have created over 100 free job description templates to help you get started.

You can filter through this gigantic list to quickly grab the description you need.

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The Perfect Busser Job Description

Posted by Caileen Kehayas on December 17, 2015

A busser is an important part of a busy restaurant.  

Bussers, also known as dining room attendants, mainly assist the servers in serving food, filling and re-filling drinks and cleaning the tables.  

Bussers have a huge range of duties in order to assist the server, including resetting tables, restocking supplies and helping out guests when a server is too busy or unavailable.    

Once a busser becomes trained and well-established at a restaurant, they are often skilled enough to be promoted to a server or food runner.  

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The Perfect Prep Cook Job Description

Posted by Caileen Kehayas on December 16, 2015

Hey Restaurant Managers!

Do you need to hire but you have major writer's block?

Here is a Prep Cook job description to help you get started on hiringyour newest team member! 

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The Perfect Restaurant Manager Job Description

Posted by Caileen Kehayas on October 5, 2015

The Restaurant Manager is the backbone to a restaurant's operation.

The restaurant manager has a long list of responsibilities including hiring new employees, balancing food and drink costs, tackling administrative tasks, ordering supplies for the restaurant and much more.

The restaurant manager is often called in at moments of crisis. Find a hair in your food?

The restaurant manager is likely to come to the rescue in order to smooth things over!

This is an important position for any restaurant. It is necessary for a restaurant manager to have both great people and administrative skills.

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The Perfect Recruiter Job Description

Posted by Caileen Kehayas on October 2, 2015

A recruiter manages a company’s staffing objectives by recruiting and analyzing job candidates.

A recruiter partners with a company’s manager to deliver well-matched and high talent employees.

A recruiter must nurture relationships with both managers and prospective employees. A recruiter position can be a highly rewarding one, as you are a large contributor to the success and growth of a company.

There are many sectors in which one can become a recruiter.  Some popular positions are executive recruiters, corporate recruiters, college recruiters, technical recruiters and even Army recruiters!

Generally, companies require an associate or a bachelor’s degree in human resources or a related field, but this can be substituted for previous work experience in human resources.

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The Perfect Pharmaceutical Sales Representative Job Description

Posted by Caileen Kehayas on September 29, 2015


A pharmaceutical sales representative works for a medical drug manufacturer, providing information to doctors about available company medications and increasing overall drug awareness.

The life of a pharmaceutical rep can be very competitive and daunting at times, but their service is extremely important in the healthcare field.

They are the main source for doctors to inquire information on new drugs and treatment options on the medical market.

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The Perfect Project Coordinator Job Description

Posted by Caileen Kehayas on September 29, 2015

A Project Coordinator is responsible for delivering projects of varying sizes and complexities on a company deadline.

This requires a project coordinator to ensure their projects are under budget, while upholding the company’s work standards.

Project coordinators must constantly monitor expenses, implement cost-saving strategies, solve operational issues and identify operational efficiencies.

While providing direction to their staff, by communicating employee assignments, and deadlines.

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The Perfect Medical Assistant Job Description

Posted by Caileen Kehayas on September 28, 2015

Medical assistants provide standard clinical and administrative tasks to maintain the offices of physicians and other healthcare professionals. 

The typical duties of a medical assistant vary from location, size and specialty of practice.

Medical assistants must have extensive knowledge in the healthcare field, and medical terminology.

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The Perfect Home Aide Job Description

Posted by Caileen Kehayas on September 28, 2015

A home aide either travels to an assigned client’s home or assists in a hospice unit.

A home aide provides daily health care duties, personal hygiene services, housekeeping tasks and other supportive services which are essential for a client’s health.

While observing, a home aide records and reports any changes in a client’s health to management.

Though it’s not required to be certified as a home aide, most employers prefer you have a certification with the National Association for Homecare and Hospice (NAHC).

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