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Startup Jobs: 13 Incredible Places to Hire Startup Talent

by Caileen Kehayas | Last Updated April 21, 2017

Startup Jobs

Hiring tech talent for a startup can be extremely competitive.

Early-stage startups are often operating on tight budgets and cannot afford to pay recruiters or super expensive job board prices. 

That's why we have compiled this list of the 13 amazing startup job boards to post your technology startup positions to giving you maximum job visibility for an affordable price.

Bonus: Download the free PDF of all these startup job boards and over 100 others!

AngelList - AngelList’s job board allows job seekers to access thousands of jobs from the nation’s leading startups without the middle man recruiter.

StartUpHire.com - StartUpHire’s job board lists thousands of jobs at the world’s best startups.  

VentureLoop - VentureLoop lists job postings at ventures and seed capital-backed companies.  They have thousands of jobs at great startups.  

AngelPad - Angel Pad hosts a job board that posts startup positions in San Francisco and in New York.  

Hacker News - Hacker News is a social news website focused on computer science and entrepreneurship. They host a job board that lists jobs at startups funded by Y Combinator

HireArt - HireArt is the best place to find startup jobs and startup companies that are hiring.  HireArt helps you to make hiring better, faster and cheaper.  

Inside Startups - Inside Startups sends out a weekly newsletter that includes a number of startup events and job posts in your city of interest.  

OnStartupJobs - OnStartupJobs is a marketplace for startup jobs in Europe.

StartupJob.me - Startup Job is a site that makes it easy for applicants to upload their resumes in order to reach some of the best startups.

StartupZone - StartupZone lists jobs from the most high-growth technology startups in Silicon Valley and The Bay Area.  

The Muse - The Muse is not only the go-to place for career advice.  They also host a job board at fast-growing tech companies across The United States.  

Underdog.io - Underdog is a curated marketplace for engineers, designers, product managers and more to find their ideal startup job.  

Venture Beat - Venture Beat is the leading source for news on tech innovations.  In addition, they host a job board for those interested in technology, startups and venture capital positions.    


Next time you need to fill a job for your tech startup, try one of these startup job boards to tap into some hidden talent.

Are there any great resources we left out?

We like to keep this content as fresh as possible!

Also, take a look at our post featuring over 100+ different job boards to expand your search even further.

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Caileen Kehayas

Written by Caileen Kehayas

Caileen is the Director of Marketing at Proven. When she is not blogging or tweeting, she likes to hit the nearest trail for a run, take her camera on a trip or curl up with a good book.


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