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Amplify Your Snagajob Job Posting (A Snagajob Review)

by Guest Post | Last Updated May 24, 2017
Snagajob Review

Looking for the ideal candidate for your hourly position?

Looking for a system that screens applicants with a pre-employment test?

Looking to filter and track with a comprehensive Applicant Tracking System?

If you are, then Snagajob is for you.

Their tagline is, “Find the right employees, faster and easier.” Fantastic.

So what are the steps you are going to need to perform to get your job posting front and center on their website?

Let’s walk you through the process of posting a job on Snagajob.

Before you start the simple signing up process make sure you have already crafted a compelling post that is ready to be released.

Your words will wield the magic that will attract the right job seeker to your fold.

Snagajob is America’s #1 hourly marketplace with 75 million registered hourly workers and 300,000 employer locations. It’s an international job board that features openings in hospitality, healthcare, retail. Their focus is on creating instant and quality connections so workers can get jobs and employers can hire workers—in minutes.

Save Time Today: Skip all these steps and post directly to Snagajob and over 100 other job boards with Proven.

What You Can Expect Once You Sign In and Post:

  • An alert for your job posting is sent immediately to job seekers in your zip code
  • Your listing will appear immediately on all of the relevant search results on the site.
  • Your job posting will be easily accessed on the Snagajob website and mobile app, to reach job seekers across all devices. 
  • Snagajob will send out a daily job alert email and features your listing in the relevant local edition.
  • Snagajob will also provide you with a social media friendly short url to easily share your post.
  • You will have the option to view the profiles of job seekers who match your job description requirements. You can proactively reach out and invite them to apply for your listing.

It’s idiot proof. That’s the easiest way to put it.

George Branch, General Manager Denny’s Franchise

Is there a Fee to Post a Job?

Yes, you have a choice of three plans:

  • $49 Quick post for 15 days (when you need to hire in a pinch)
  • $89 Monthly Subscription (frequent hiring on a budget)
  • $249 Monthly Subscription (High volume ongoing hiring)

All plans include:

  • Active job slots
  • Smart posting algorithm
  • Applicant tracking
  • Candidate Search
  • 1-Click Application
  • Email Boost
  • Plan 3 only: Personality Assessment and Job Board Distribution

How to Sign Up

Head to Snagajob's homepage to get the ball rolling.

There are 5 simple steps:

1. On the Snagajob homepage, select ‘Post a Job’ on the top right

Snagajob Home Page

2. You will now have the opportunity to choose from the available plans 

Find the right candidate

3. Create your account

Create Account

4. Fill in your job description specifics

Make sure your post is enticing. Good copy brings in great applicants.

Write First Job Post

5. When you have filled in your job description and other relevant details you will “Proceed to checkout” at the bottom of the page and add your billing details

Credit Card Entry


Snagajob will now start advertising your job, drawing people towards your job post. 

The system [Snagajob Onboarding & E-Verify] let us do about 15 hours of work in five minutes.

Wayne Roberts Owner/Operator Wen-star, Inc.

Other Features

You can start to search local seeker profiles and personally invite those people who you think are suited to your job opening to apply.

Profile Search

You can like or decline applicants to create a list to for the applicants you want to interview.

What else Snagajob does:

  • Matches you with the most qualified local job seekers in their database.
  • Will update your matched profiles as new job seekers join the site giving you a fresh pipeline of applicants.
  • Sorts, filters and reviews your applications with their easy-to-use system

We interviewed about 120 people, ended up hiring about 85 [for three locations].

Dan Bowers, Dunkin’ Donuts franchisee

You can edit or update your job at any time.

Edit Job Listings

There is a great Snagajob Employers App on iTunes or Google Play that you can download for your mobile device.

Candidate Applications

In Conclusion

Snagajob offers mobile sourcing, hiring , training, scheduling and performance management tools. It’s quick, easy and effective to sign up, post and pay. Their long list of awards and milestones speak to a company that is there to work for you. 

As we enter the future of work, we look for partners that adapt to change, challenge the status quo, and embrace creativity. Snagajob is nothing short of that. They continue to deliver quality from a targeted audience. They seem to be the leader in hourly workforce.

Growth Manager, Uber

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