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How to Post a Job on Monster - The Complete Guide

by Guest Post | Last Updated May 12, 2017
How To Post A job To Monster.com

Monster is a Goliath in the world of online job boards, and for good reason.

It was created in 1999 by The Monster Board and Online Career Center who were two of the most popular career websites way back in 1999 -- and Monster is still hugely popular nearly two decades later. For those Generation X’ers, this was the same year that The Matrix was released.

Monster is reputed to be one of the employment websites with the highest traffic, according to Alexa. Currently it is ranked as the 1,367 most visited website on the Internet. It’s typically listed by the media as one of the top three job board sites, along with LinkedIn and Indeed.

In what follows, we walk you through the steps to post a job to Monster, but first, a little history.

A Brief History of Monster

Originally, Monster (or Monster.com) was started by Jeff Taylor who contracted Net Daemons Associates to create a facility where job seekers could search for jobs online. This site went live in 1994 and was originally populated by newspaper clippings from human resource company, Adion. (Remember searching for jobs with a newspaper?)

And then, in 1996, a press release issued by The Monster Board provided much needed exposure, skyrocketing it to many famed firsts: the first public job search on the Internet and the first public resume database in the world.

On August 9, 2016, Monster was acquired by Randstad Holding, the world’s second-largest HR service provider, for $429 million in cash.

Steps to Creating a Job Posting on Monster

There are five major steps (plus one bonus step) to getting started with Monster. Below, we walk you everything step by step.

Of course, there are job board features specific to Monster that will help optimize the quality of applicants you’ll receive after posting a job. We’ll sprinkle those in while going over the basics of how to most efficiently lay out a job posting on Monster.

Step 1: Decide how many job postings you need

How Many Monster Job Postings

First go to Monster.com’s homepage, and you’ll find the box shown above labeled “Employers” in the upper right hand corner to the left of “Account.”

Monster Header

From there it will take you to the hiring landing page, where you can decide to either “Post Job Now” and receive up to 20 free resumes, or “Buy Jobs for Later.”

Let’s post a single job.

Step 2: Fill in basic job details

Basic Job Details

You will be asked for a “Job title,” “Location,” and your “Company Name.”

This first question is probably the easiest to mess up: make sure the spelling of your job title is correct, and the most standardized version.

When people are searching for specific jobs, you want yours to pop up.

Advanced Job Details

It will take you to a second window requiring more specific information in tune with your company such as “Company Industry” and “Company Size.”

This will also be the time for you to pick the range for the “Salary/Wage.” You can even see how your salary prediction compares to others in your industry.

Step 3: Enter job description

Job Description

Arguably the most important section to fill in is the “Job Description.”

While it looks like Monster suggests templates based on the job title you’ve chosen, we suggest writing your own. Or, at the very least, working line-by-line so that potential employees know precisely what the job entails.

You’ll also want to present your job description to be as enticing as possible. After all, you are asking them to make a life-changing decision by applying for your company. Use adjectives that inspire, such as “revolutionary” or “a game changing concept in a quickly evolving industry.” Also try to be as concise and succinct as possible.

Step 4: Decide if you want to manage applications on Monster, or on company website

Monster Apply Methods

Monster, understandably, recommends that you should manage the job listing on their website. However, if you want to ensure that applicants at the very least visit your website before applying, direct them their. Also, if you use an applicant tracking system, this is where you would paste the link to your job so you can keep track of applications within your hiring software.

Step 5: Purchase a job posting

Purchase Job Listing

If you’re buying more than one ad, you’ll have the option to choose additional options such as “Job Bolding,” “Job Refresh,” “Career Ad Network,” and a “Monster Twitter Card.”

Job Bolding: The job ad will appear bold within search results, increasing its invisibility.

Job Refresh: Shoot your posting to the top with Job Refresh.

Career Ad Network: Strategically places your job ad throughout Monster’s network. More impressions!

Monster Twitter Card: Your posting will be placed in a more prominent spot on Twitter. Again, more impressions and potentially more of those elusive retweets.

The price of the job posting can vary by city. 

For example, in San Francisco, California a single listing is $385, while in Bangor, Maine, it is only $225. A listing that can be posted to any location in the U.S. is $399.

There are considerable discounts for pre-purchasing jobs in bulk. A single job may cost $399, but if you know you need 10 jobs, than you can save up to $134 per job, while pre-purchasing over 100 jobs in advance will save you $264 per job!

Take all of these factors into account while budgeting for the hiring process. Monster's price range can vary greatly, so brainstorming the best possible strategy never hurts. 

You can explore all the pricing options here.

Step 6: Sift through those resumes!

And, you’re done!

After posting, Monster offers free online training to better manage applicant’s submissions.

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