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Mobile Recruiting: The Proven Employer Hiring App

by Caileen Kehayas | Last Updated July 27, 2016

Mobile Recruiting The Proven Employer Hiring AppMobile recruiting or mobile hiring, is quickly becoming an absolute necessity for employers looking to acquire new talent.

In 2015, 86% of active job seekers started the search process on their phones and 70% of applicants wanted to apply to jobs directly from their mobile device (source: Kelton Research). 

How job seekers interact with the world is changing rapidly and we believe the same trend is happening with those doing the hiring.

This is why we  are excited to introduce to you the new and improved Proven Employer Hiring App, available now in the App Store!

Proven is the first hiring solution to support mobile job distribution and a flexible pay-as-you-go pricing model.

Post directly to Proven, Craigslist, Indeed, SimplyHired, and many more all from your phone! Also, organize candidates, send messages, schedule interviews and sync with your desktop experience.  

Proven's flexible pay-as-you-go pricing makes it so you only pay when you are hiring. No paying for job slots, applicant tracking or onboarding software when you are not actually in need of a new employee.

The new Proven hiring app supports an end-to-end experience for hiring managers. From a business’s initial sign-up to the final stages of hiring, everything can be done through the app!

Bonus: Download the Proven Hiring App and post your first job today!

Below, we go over some of the new features of the app, including:

Account Sign Up

The Proven Hiring App Sign Up

Previously, Proven app users could access all of their account information from our employer app. With the new update, new customers can handle the entire experience from the app, with an easy sign-up flow and in-app purchases. Best of all, for new customers, the first in-app job posting is completely free!

Post and Distribute Jobs


Within the app, hiring managers may create, import and re-post job listings. Hiring a sous chef again? No problem! Choose from saved job posting and re-post the job on the go! There is no need to type out the whole job description every time.

Choose from four different job distribution packages that will distribute your job to over 15 different job boards and automatically create budgets for you to optimize your hiring experience.

Categorize Candidates


Organize your candidates into Yes, No or Maybes. From there, you may share these candidates with other managers if you are collaborating with a hiring team. Use our new advanced search filters in order to filter by interest level, view status, job board source, date applied, job status and interview status.  

Connect and Collaborate


Add other users from your hiring team. Use the Proven App to collaborate by saving notes, viewing people's history or sharing resumes directly with people on your team.

...And Hire!

No, we don’t have an automatic hire feature! However, you can do everything up until the hire through the app. Message the candidate, schedule interviews and send reminders for all appointments. Reduce your no-shows with these easy-to-use tools!

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Additional Features

  • Pay-As-You-Go - There are no contracts or subscriptions to uphold!  Use the Proven App to hire whenever you need to hire.  
  • Post out to 15+ Job Boards -  This is the first app out there that supports expansive job board distribution, including Craigslist, Indeed & more.  
  • On-Demand Recruiting - You no longer have to be at your computer in order to process resumes!  
  • Real-Time Hiring - Handle each applicant as they come in through the App.  
  • Manage the entire process from your phone, tablet and/or computer interchangeably!
  • Re-post old jobs from your phone.
  • Use provided templates to post a new job.
  • Collaborate with other managers, save notes, message candidates, call them, organize their applications into Yes, No or Maybe categories.
  • Access all candidate information (resume, cover letter, contact information) from your phone.
  • Careers Page -  Do you have a careers page at your small business?  Request one to be built to fit seamlessly into your website’s design- all through the app!


Mobile recruiting with Proven allows you the freedom to post jobs, review applications and setup interviews all without being shackled to a computer. 

Ready to get started? Go here to download the app and sign up. Remember your first posting is on us!

Please contact us if you have any questions.


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Caileen Kehayas

Written by Caileen Kehayas

Caileen is the Director of Marketing at Proven. When she is not blogging or tweeting, she likes to hit the nearest trail for a run, take her camera on a trip or curl up with a good book.


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