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Maximize Your Indeed Job Postings (The Ultimate Guide)

by Guest Post | Last Updated April 4, 2017
Maximize Your Indeed Job Postings (The Ultimate Guide)

These days the most effective way of finding the perfect applicant for your job opportunity is to use sites that make the process simple both for the employer and the potential employee.

Once you have crafted a compelling post that will entice a job seeker you need a site that can deliver applicants en masses.

Indeed for employers is a user friendly site that offers a simple process for posting your job opening.

Currently Indeed is ranked as the world’s #1 job site drawing over 200 million visitors monthly from over 60 countries and covering 94% of global GDP. Those are impressive statistics.

Job seekers have free access to millions of jobs listings. Job seekers get to upload their resumes and the site boasts some of the highest quality resumes online. The biggest benefit for employers is that they pay for postings or ads by click instead of having to fork out a large upfront payment that could run into the hundreds of dollars.

Your job post can show up in three different ways on Indeed via:

  • free job posting
  • organic search
  • sponsored job posting

We’ll take you through the steps for all three options below.

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How to Post a Job for Free on Indeed

There are a few logical steps to completing the online job post.

Here is a virtual tour of what you will need to complete, to have your job listing go live.

When you want to post a free Indeed job listing you will have to:

  • Create an account with Indeed
  • Fill in the relevant job requirements
  • And finally, click post

Simple, quick and easy.

Let’s hand hold you through those steps…

Step 1: Create an Account

  • Head on over to Indeed
  • At the top of the page - Click on: Employers/Post Job (free)
  • You’ll spot the “Post Job” button left of center on the page. Click it!

Your Next Hire

You will now be prompted to create an account. 

  • Fill in your email address
  • Choose a password
  • Click continue

(if you already have an existing account with Indeed.com you will simply click the “sign in” button on the top right)

Create Account

Step 2: Fill in Job Details

Next up – you will be prompted to add your:

  • Company Name
  • Job Title
  • Job Description
  • City/State or postal code
  • Salary (optional)
  • Experience (optional)

Ensure you are not just cutting and pasting job descriptions but have spent some time crafting the right copy that will draw the right applicant to your post. Quality written posts attract quality applicants.

Post a JobTo keep this job free, do not click the "Sponsor this job for more views" box. However, if you do want to pay for more traffic, we cover the details about this below.

How to Get Your Job Posting into Indeed’s Organic Search

The goal is to have a post that ranks high on the online search engines. If you format your listing well you could see Indeed linking to your page.

They are constantly prowling the web in search of great jobs to bring to their site.

Indeed’s Director of Employer Insights, Kevin Walker stated that, “A well written job title can increase your traffic by up to 1000%”

So if you want to be spotted and linked to by Indeed try these options:

Step 1: Ensure Job Title Clarity

  • Your job title must be spelled out clearly
  • Be on its own line at the top of your posting
  • Should STAND OUT.
  • Be as specific you can be

Step 2: Provide Your Company’s Name (no brainer)

Step 3: Include ONLY one Physical Location with City, State and Zipcode

If you don’t have a physical company address add your home address details or your P.O Box.

Step 4: One job, One Page

Each job must get its very own webpage or Indeed is not going to pay you any attention.

Step 5: Ensure your job description has effective SEO

You want to include many keywords that link to your industry or field. Be careful not to make it seem dry and spammy from being drenched in keywords.

Repeated keywords are magnets for search engines but you also want your copy to be appealing. It’s an intricate SEO tango.

Step 6: Insert a Clear Submission Process

It must be super easy for applicants to submit their resumes.

So add a big SUBMIT button or a phrase that includes a submission email address. (Send resumes and covering letters to joblog@thebestcompanyintheworld.com)

A sponsored job posting will set you back about $.25 -$1.50 per click which then takes you to the top of search results - or nirvana. Your advert can be on your own site or it can be posted straight to Indeed (see post a job image above).

Indeed Sponsored Listing Example

With sponsored listings, you get ranked on one of the top 3 listings on the page (or the bottom 3) which will see your listing outperform free listings by up to 5 times.

Other listings fall further and further down in the search result as they “age” while a sponsored listing always stays on top.

You can also ensure that the costs don’t get out of hand by setting a monthly budget and number of customers you wish to target.

Indeed won’t display your advert once your monthly limit has been reached.

How to Post a Sponsored Ad on Indeed

It's very simple to sponsor an ad.

When you fill in your job posting information you have an option to click “Sponsor this job for more reviews”.

Choose your monthly budget and anchors away my friend!

Sponsored listings directly from your own website can easily be done by calling Indeed. They offer you great tracking analytics with detailed reports to show your ads efficacy.



Indeed is a powerful nodal point around which job seekers aggregate.

When your copy is compelling and search engine optimized you will be a potent magnet for those quality candidates that will be a perfect match for your organization.

Just don’t rush the listing.

Craft it well with clear copy and excellent formatting. Indeed for employers is the most effective job board online that will draw traffic to your offer with its simple and user friendly solution.

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