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How to Post a Job on Monster - The Complete Guide

Posted by Guest Post on April 4, 2017

Monster is a Goliath in the world of online job boards, and for good reason.

It was created in 1999 by The Monster Board and Online Career Center who were two of the most popular career websites way back in 1999 -- and Monster is still hugely popular nearly two decades later. For those Generation X’ers, this was the same year that The Matrix was released.

Monster is reputed to be one of the employment websites with the highest traffic, according to Alexa. Currently it is ranked as the 1,367 most visited website on the Internet. It’s typically listed by the media as one of the top three job board sites, along with LinkedIn and Indeed.

In what follows, we walk you through the steps to post a job to Monster, but first, a little history.

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Amplify Your Snagajob Job Posting (A Snagajob Review)

Posted by Guest Post on February 3, 2017

Looking for the ideal candidate for your hourly position?

Looking for a system that screens applicants with a pre-employment test?

Looking to filter and track with a comprehensive Applicant Tracking System?

If you are, then Snagajob is for you.

Their tagline is, “Find the right employees, faster and easier.” Fantastic.

So what are the steps you are going to need to perform to get your job posting front and center on their website?

Let’s walk you through the process of posting a job on Snagajob.

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Maximize Your Indeed Job Postings (The Ultimate Guide)

Posted by Guest Post on January 19, 2017

These days the most effective way of finding the perfect applicant for your job opportunity is to use sites that make the process simple both for the employer and the potential employee.

Once you have crafted a compelling post that will entice a job seeker you need a site that can deliver applicants en masses.

Indeed for employers is a user friendly site that offers a simple process for posting your job opening.

Currently Indeed is ranked as the world’s #1 job site drawing over 200 million visitors monthly from over 60 countries and covering 94% of global GDP. Those are impressive statistics.

Job seekers have free access to millions of jobs listings. Job seekers get to upload their resumes and the site boasts some of the highest quality resumes online. The biggest benefit for employers is that they pay for postings or ads by click instead of having to fork out a large upfront payment that could run into the hundreds of dollars.

Your job post can show up in three different ways on Indeed via:

  • free job posting
  • organic search
  • sponsored job posting

We’ll take you through the steps for all three options below.

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Employee Engagement Ideas: Creating a Magnetic Culture

Posted by Guest Post on November 1, 2016

What is great company culture? Free food? Extra vacation? Flexible hours?

Employers spend more than $720 million on employee engagement ideas every year, yet only 30 percent of the workforce is actively engaged.

That’s because it takes more than “stuff” to truly engage team members.

PeopleMatter recently partnered with workplace culture guru, Laurie Ruettimann, who is also an HR strategist, writer and published author, for a webinar to talk about what it takes to build and develop a culture that helps you find and keep happy, passionate and loyal people.

Laurie says creating a magnetic culture really boils down to six key employee engagement ideas:

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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet to an Effective Recruitment Strategy

Posted by Guest Post on October 4, 2016

Recruiting managers face a lot of challenges.

From looking for the right talent, to ensuring that they stay put, it is a lot of planning and implementation. But what is most nerve-racking is  planning a replacement strategy for talent loss.

Often, the immediate response to someone resigning is to frantically start looking for a replacement, all within the notice period. But it is difficult to find people who can match the skill sets of your best talent.

How can one easily find the same talent with the same set of experiences? 

Attrition rates are only going up now that millennials are forming a major part of the workforce. Millennials are beginning to be known as the job-hopping generation.

One way to get out of such a situation is by devising an effective recruitment strategy, a strategy that helps hiring managers  tackle high churn rate. But again, this is no piece of cake!

There is no rulebook to blindly follow here, as every organization is different and so are its needs for talent. Adding to this, the job market also keeps changing, and so do the preferences of candidates. The recruiting process depends on a variety of factors, each of which will affect your practices as a hiring manager.

To help you get started, here is a cheat sheet of the most effective and successful recruiting tactics:

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Employee Retention: 5 Ways to Keep Employees from Jumping Ship

Posted by Guest Post on August 2, 2016

Gone are the days when employees spent the better part of their careers (say, 30+ years) with one company.

Today's workers—especially those in the younger generation—are quick to jump ship (as much as four times in 10 years) if they feel their employer isn't meeting their needs.

And employers are not blind to the rising problem of employee turnover.

Employee retention and employee wellbeing are the top concerns for human resources professionals today.

HR leaders know it's hard to build a strong team and maintain a high level of productivity when a company is constantly filling vacant positions and getting new employees up to speed.

So how do companies keep employees on board and avoid the time and money suck often associated with high employee turnover?

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Job Posting Tips: Insider Tips to Make Your Job Ad Stand Out

Posted by Guest Post on July 28, 2016

This article is brought to you by Kim Costa of Snagajob.

With over 70 million job seekers registered on Snagajob, America's largest network for hourly-paid employment, we spend a lot of time studying job seeker behavior and know what you should-and shouldn't-be including in your job posting.

How your job postings appear online is obviously very important. With the unemployment rate declining, it's more important than ever to make sure you take the necessary steps to ensure your posting is getting seen from the right candidates.

In this article, we outline a few specific job posting tips to keep in mind the next time you post a job.

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