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Caileen Kehayas

Caileen is the Director of Marketing at Proven. When she is not blogging or tweeting, she likes to hit the nearest trail for a run, take her camera on a trip or curl up with a good book.

Recent Posts

Startup Jobs: 13 Incredible Places to Hire Startup Talent

Posted by Caileen Kehayas on May 10, 2016

Hiring tech talent for a startup can be extremely competitive.

Early-stage startups are often operating on tight budgets and cannot afford to pay recruiters or super expensive job board prices. 

That's why we have compiled this list of the 13 amazing startup job boards to post your technology startup positions to giving you maximum job visibility for an affordable price.

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How to Write a Resume (The Ultimate Guide)

Posted by Caileen Kehayas on May 10, 2016

The Resume. It seems like an easy enough concept.

(In theory)

After all, your resume is an itemized summary of your work experience.

However, there are many opinions and articles on how to write a resume, how not to write a resume, what information to throw out and what information is absolutely necessary.

And now that many companies use ATS systems to filter your resume out before human eyes ever see it, you may have to be more tactical than ever.

In this ultimate guide, we will show you how to make your resume look equally attractive to the systems scanning and for the human eyes. We’ll cover the best resume length, design, format and pertinent information so you can build the perfect resume.

We will also share great examples of resume templates and sample resumes that other job seekers have used to find their dream job!

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Careers for Game of Thrones Characters: 16 Career Paths Based on Myers Briggs Personality Types

Posted by Caileen Kehayas on May 3, 2016

Did you ever wonder where you might find your favorite Game of Thrones characters working in our world if they were lifted out of Westeros, brought back to life (for an unfortunate many) or if they simply decided to no longer pursue the throne?  

We have been wondering the same thing.  

So we decided to do some educated guesswork using the Myers-Briggs personality indicator to figure out what career paths the heroes and villains of the Game of Thrones universe would take.

We categorized 16 different characters into their Myers-Briggs personality, and hypothesized what job would best suit them.

Here is what we found out:

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Restaurant Jobs: 8 Awesome Places to Hire Restaurant Talent

Posted by Caileen Kehayas on May 3, 2016

Turnover in the restaurant and hospitality industry can be massive.

For certain positions, the turnover rate is nearly 100%. Restaurant managers don't have large recruitment budgets or lots of time to dedicate to sourcing and interviewing. 

That's why we have compiled this list of the 8 best restaurant job boards to post food and drink positions to giving you maximum job visibility for an affordable price.

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Healthcare Jobs: 11 Shockingly Fantastic Places to Hire Healthcare Professionals

Posted by Caileen Kehayas on April 27, 2016

Healthcare is one of the fastest growing industries in the United States. Medical jobs accounted for 18% of all new jobs created in 2015. That's absolutely staggering. This is the fastest the industry has grown in terms of jobs since 1991.

This is great news for those looking to get hired, but it paints an extremely competitive landscape for those doing the hiring.

That's why we have compiled this list of the 11 absolute best healthcare job boards to post your hospital, medical and healthcare positions to so you are able to have the greatest possible visibility of your open position.

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Media Jobs: 11 Unbelievably Awesome Places to Hire Media Talent

Posted by Caileen Kehayas on April 21, 2016

Media jobs makes up a huge sector of employment. Positions range from social media managers, to writers, people working in film and enterainment, to communications and beyond.

The types of people looking for careers in media are as diverse as the potential jobs and it's critical that you are using the right resources to tap into these diverse individuals.

That's why we have compiled this list of the 11 best media job boards to post your media, entertainment, and broadcasting positions to so you are able to tap into the very best undiscovered talent.

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Nonprofit Jobs: 7 Incredible Websites to Hire for Nonprofit Positions

Posted by Caileen Kehayas on April 19, 2016

Hiring at a nonprofit can be a little different than the private sector.

The budget for posting jobs and recruiting may be completely non-existent and hiring may not follow a set schedule.

This often leaves nonprofits with relying solely on job posts to their own website or free local listings.

While this is a good thing to do, it can be difficult for the right passion-driven candidates to realize that you are even hiring.

That's why we have compiled this list of the 7 best nonprofit recruitment sites to post your nonprofit positions to so you are able to reach those looking to follow a nonprofit career.

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5 Easy Snapchat Marketing Strategies to Try Today! [INFOGRAPHIC]

Posted by Caileen Kehayas on April 12, 2016

"What is the big deal with Snapchat & how can I use Snapchat to market my small business?"

This is a question I am seeing all over the Internet lately.  

Most people think Snapchat is a way to send a NSFW photo only to have it disappear within seconds.  Others think it's just a place to take a picture of yourself puking a rainbow.  

So, what is Snapchat and why is everyone talking about it? 

In this infographic, we will explore what Snapchat is, how businesses are using it and how you can Snapchat to market your small business! 

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Best Construction Jobs: 7 Amazing Jobs Sites to Hire Construction Talent

Posted by Caileen Kehayas on April 7, 2016

In February of 2016, the number of unfilled construction jobs reached the highest point since the recession.  

Since the end of the Great Recession, there has been a steady increase in open construction jobs throughout The United States.  One of builders' main challenges, in fact, is staffing their sites.  

We compiled this list of some of the best construction recruitment sites to post construction and engineering jobs in order to find the best talent for any project.  

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Best Retail Jobs: 10 Places to Hire Retail Talent

Posted by Caileen Kehayas on March 17, 2016

The best retail jobs do not have to be that hard to find!

Nowadays, most industries have websites and job boards that serve niche industries.  This way, applicants looking for retail jobs and employers looking for retail candidates can be connected more easily.  It is no longer necessary to sift through pages of loosely-related job listings on bigger job boards.  

We compiled this list of 10 of the best retail job boards out there serving the retail industry today! 

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