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100+ Job Boards For Job Seekers and Recruiters

by Caileen Kehayas | Last Updated May 3, 2017

Best Job Boards

Let's face it:

We’ve likely all used the mega job boards like Craigslist, Indeed and Monster. 

There’s no question that big job websites are a great tool on both sides of the hiring front.

For a job seeker, job posting sites are a great place to start your job search. For employers, job board websites allow you to get your opening in front of a massive pool of possible applicants. 

Either way, a job board or job search website is one of the easiest ways to connect applicants and employers.

To help you source the best talent or find the best job, we have compiled a list of 100+ of the absolute best job boards (many of which are free job boards). 

Industries of the Top Job Boards

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Section 1: Creative Jobs

Creative Jobs

TalentZoo - Talent Zoo offers jobs in advertising, marketing, creative, design, new media and digital industries.

Creative Hotlist - Creative Hotlist is owned by the parent company of Communication Arts Magazine and is a dedicated resource for creative professionals.  

Authentic Jobs - Authentic Jobs offers jobs for creative professionals from some of the biggest companies in the country.

Art Jobs - Art Jobs offers international jobs in the arts.  Some of the jobs that can be found on Art Jobs are teaching jobs, auction house positions and artist assistant positions.  

Behance Job List - Besides being a place for creative professionals to showcase their portfolios, Behance has a job board offering both freelance and full-time job opportunities across the nation.

Dribbble - Dribbble is an online community that showcases artwork in online portfolios.  Their job board offers international positions for designers.  

We Work Remotely - We Work Remotely is the best place to find and list jobs that aren’t restricted to a geographical location.  The positions offered allow an employee to work remotely.  

Krop - Krop is a place for designers and other creatives to showcase their online portfolio and apply for design jobs throughout the United States.  

Coroflot - Coroflot connects creative individuals with outstanding career opportunities within the design industry.  Coroflot allows users to host a portfolio, as well.  

AIGA Design Jobs - AIGA, the professional association for design, also hosts a job board that is the premiere place for companies to find a great pool of talented creative professionals.  

Sensational Jobs - Sensational Jobs is self-described as the job board for web professionals.  This job board easily connects web pros with great opportunities for design, creative and tech jobs.  

DSGNJBS - DSGNJBS aggregates all of the best design jobs from across the internet into an easily digestible (and colorful!) job board.  


Section 2: Media and Communications Jobs:

Media Communication Jobs

Mediabistro - Mediabistro features jobs in both traditional and social media.   They offer jobs in journalism, social media marketing, web development and more.   

Min Online - Min Online not only covers media industry news and events.  They also host a job board featuring some of the most coveted positions in the industry.  

TranslatorMaven - Translator Maven is a job board that provides special opportunties to multilingual candidates. 

Journalism Jobs -  Journalism Jobs is a job board with listings for online media, newspapers, tv, radio, magazines, nonprofits and academia.  

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Mashable.com - Mashable.com hosts a job board that lists jobs within their own company as well as digital, tech, social media, marketing and PR jobs throughout the United States.  

Digital Media Jobs Network - Digital Media Jobs Network is a premier network for those seeking online advertising jobs, digital marketing jobs, SEO jobs and more.  

AdRants - AdRants is a site that provides insightful and honest marketing and advertising news.  In addition,  they host a job board with positions in advertising. 

CrunchBoard - Crunch Board is the official job board from TechCrunch.  TechCrunch is the leading authority on tech and startup culture.  These job posts reach a highly engaged audience of talent.  

JobsInSports - Jobs in Sports is America's most up-to-date sports job boards. They cater to all levels; from entry-level to executive positions. 

FlexJobs - Flex Jobs offers the best tech jobs for telecommuters. This is also a general job board for those looking for flexible work.  

Media Recruiter - Media Recruiter hosts a large listing of media positions nationwide.  Media Recruiter serves the advertising and communications industry.  

Media Match - Media Match is a global publication and online networking community.  They host a job board for positions in television and film production.  

PR News Online - The PR News Group is a daily intellectual hub that serves the communications marketing community at corporations, agencies and nonprofits.  Employers can reach highly qualified candidates on the PR News Job Board.


Section 3: Startup Jobs

Startup Jobs

AngelList - AngelList’s job board allows job seekers to access thousands of jobs from the nation’s leading startups without the middle man recruiter.

StartUpHire.com - StartUpHire’s job board lists thousands of jobs at the world’s best startups.  

Venture Loop - Venture Loop lists job postings at ventures and seed capital-backed companies.  They have thousands of jobs at great startups.  

AngelPad - Angel Pad hosts a job board that posts startup positions in San Francisco and in New York.  

Hacker News - Hacker News is a social news website focused on computer science and entrepreneurship.  They host a job board that lists jobs at startups funded by Y Combinator

HireArt - HireArt is the best place to find startup jobs and startup companies that are hiring.  HireArt helps you to make hiring better, faster and cheaper.  

Inside Startups - Inside Startups sends out a weekly newsletter that includes a number of startup events and job posts in your city of interest.  

OnStartupJobs - OnStartupJobs is a marketplace for startup jobs in Europe.

StartupJob.me - Startup Job is a site that makes it easy for applicants to upload their resumes in order to reach some of the best startups.

StartupZone -  StartupZone lists jobs from the most high-growth technology startups in Silicon Valley and The Bay Area.  

The Muse - The Muse is not only the go-to place for career advice.  They also host a job board at fast-growing tech companies across The United States.  

Underdog.io - Underdog is a curated marketplace for engineers, designers, product managers and more to find their ideal startup job.  

Venture Beat - Venture Beat is the leading source for news on tech innovations.  In addition, they host a job board for those interested in technology, startups and venture capital positions.    


Section 4: Nonprofit & Environmental Jobs:

Nonprofit Environmental Jobs

Idealist.org - Idealist.org has been around since 1995 to help organizations internationally who are changing the world.  Idealist helps people “move from intention to action all over the world”

Commongood Careers - Commongood Careers is a national search firm for nonprofits.  

Bridgespan.org - Bridgespan is a dedicated job board for careers and involvement in the nonprofit sector.  

Encore.org - Encore.org is a movement meant to tap into the experience and skills of people who are currently out of work but looking to help change the world.  

Philanthropy News Digest - Philanthropy News Digest provides job listings at nonprofit organizations.  

Hire Horticulture - Hire Horticulture offers horticulture and landscape jobs nationwide for the green-thumbed jobseeker. 


Section 5: Technology & Data Jobs

Technology Data Jobs

Dice.com - Use Dice.com to search over 80,000+ technology jobs.

Crunchboard.com - Crunchboard is the official job board from TechCrunch, the leading authority on tech and startup culture.    

Hot Data Jobs - Hot Data Jobs is just that; the leading job site for data, analytics and business intelligence professionals. 

Jobs Match Skills - JobsMatchSkills offers listings for careers in technology, big data and analytics. 

GitHub - GitHub offers many technology jobs.  They offer both office-based and remote jobs internationally.  

iCrunchData - iCrunchData is the leading source for analytics, technology and data jobs.  

Stack Overflow Careers - Stack Overflow Careers is a job board serving programmers and engineers.  

TechCareers - TechCareers is a database of continuously updated opportunities at tech companies.  

IT Job Pro - IT Job Pro is a portal to the best IT professionals worldwide.  This job board has job listings throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.  

RubyNow - RubyNow is a job board for ruby developers.  Over the past ten years, they have been the most trusted ruby job board.

GigaOm - Giga Om hosts a technology and engineer-driven job board that posts jobs internationally.  

Tech Fetch - Tech Fetch serves 2.5+ million users and about 300,000+ jobs each year.  This is a great job board to gain access to the best tech talent.  


Legal Jobs

LawJobs - LawJobs is an invaluable resource for all legal jobs across The United States.  

LawMatch - LawMatch is a leading legal recruiting job board for attorneys, law students, law clerks and paralegals.  

Law Crossing - Law Crossing is America’s leading job site offering legal jobs and career opportunities for every legal industry in The United States.  

NALP - The NALP job center is a job board designed to offer employers targeted access to professionals throughout the legal sector.

Legal Staff - Legal Staff is a a job board tailored to the legal industry.  Legal Staff is one of the best resources for qualified candidates in the legal world. 

Above the Law - Above the Law is a legal news website that also hosts a job board for all legal job levels.


Section 7: Restaurant / Hospitality Jobs:

Restaurants Hospitality Jobs

Proven - Proven originally launched as a restaurant job board and has since grown beyond that, but it's still a great resource for posting restaurant positions. Best of all, it's nation wide and will post automatically to over 100 different job boards.

RestaurantZone - RestaurantZone, helps employers hire quality talent nationwide and focuses on volume hiring on the hourly & management front. RZ has a network of millions of job-seekers and many job board partnerships to help with hiring.

Culintro - Culintro, based in New York City, is a professional organization with executive members in the culinary industry.  They host a job board featuring jobs at highly esteemed restaurants and hotels throughout the US.  

CareersInFood - Careers In Food has been online since 1999 and is the top site dedicated to Food & Beverage Manufacturing professionals. 

Poached - Poached is a job board that features jobs in the hospitality industry.  

Culinary Agents - Culinary Agents is a networking and job matching site for food, beverage and hospitality professionals.   

Instawork - Instawork connects restaurants with the best talent on their nationwide job board and app. 

FoodService.com - FoodService.com is an online networking site for restaurant and food service professionals.  

Hospitality Online - Hospitality Online is one of the largest hospitality-focused job boards.  Hospitality Online features over 20,000 hotel, restaurant and resort jobs.  

Jobs on the Menu - Jobs on the Menu is a job board that hosts the nation’s best restaurant and food service jobs.  

Hcareers - Hcareers is a global hospitality career resource providing quality jobs, career advice and visibility to hospitality professionals.  Hcareers connects employers with the qualified & experienced candidates they are searching for.    


Section 8: Finance Jobs:

Financial Jobs

eFinancialCareers.com - eFinancialCareers is a leading careers site that offers financial jobs worldwide.  

Broker Hunter - Broker Hunter is a leading financial services job board.  Broker Hunter offers jobs across the entire range of financial positions.  

Bank Jobs - Bank Jobs hosts thousands of job listings for banking and financial jobs in The United States.  

Wall Street Oasis - Wall Street Oasis is a large online community focused on careers in finance.  They have a job board that features banking and finance throughout The United States.  

Finance Job Board Network - The Finance Job Board Network is a finance career network that also connects other financial job boards.  

OneWire - OneWire is a dedicated platform for finance professionals to connect with top industry employers.  


Section 9: Government Jobs:

Government Jobs

USAJobs.gov - USAJobs is The Federal government’s official job list.  Search to find the best government jobs available.  

Government Jobs - Government Jobs is a search engine used to find Federal, city and state jobs at all levels.  

Department of Labor - The Department of Labor website is a great place to go in order to learn about wages, workers’ rights, insurance and to find job opportunities.  

Career One Stop - Career One Stop is sponsored by the Department of Labor.  This is a great source for career exploration, training and jobs.  

Political Job Hunt - Political Wire is a daily collection of articles on political and current affairs.  They also host Political Job Hunt, a collection of politically-centered jobs and careers.  


Section 10: Internships:


Internships.com - Internships.com hosts a job board full of internship and employment opportunities.  

OnForce - OnForce allows employers to find, engage, negotiate and hire non-employee talent. 

InternJobs.com - Intern Jobs is a job board focused on finding  both recent graduates and seasoned workers looking for new opportunities.  

LookSharp.com - LookSharp (formerly known as InternMatch) is the largest database of college internships online.  

College Recruiter - College Recruiter is the leading niche job board for college and university students searching for internships, part-time employment or seasonal work.  

Career Rookie - Career Rookie is a database of internships, part-time jobs and entry-level careers.  

YouTern - YouTern is a community dedicated to helping thousands of college students and recent graduates to ascend into the workplace with internships.  


Section 11: Sales Jobs:

Sales Jobs

SalesGravy.com - Sales Gravy hosts a job board that features jobs from thousands of employers offering lucrative sales positions.  

SalesJobs.com - SalesJobs.com is a searchable database of sales job throughout The United States.  

SalesHeads.com- SalesHeads offers a database of fresh and relevant sales opportunities to connect jobseekers with industry contacts. 

Dado Match - Dado Match is a community of sales professionals.  They host a job board with sales positions across The United States.


Section 12: Healthcare / Pharmaceutical Jobs:

Healthcare Jobs

CareerVitals.com - Career Vitals hosts the most healthcare and medical jobs, with over one million jobs spanning  every level in the healthcare sector.

HealthcareJobSite.com - HealthcareJobSite is an online job listing site for healthcare and medical jobs.  

Jobs In Healthcare - Jobs in Healthcare hosts thousands of jobs across the healthcare industry.  A jobseeker could search anything from administrative positions to in-home aides.  

MedHunting - MedHunting is a completely free job board to search and post healthcare jobs and medical jobs for free.  

Hospital Careers - Hospital Careers is the leading career portal for healthcare and hospital jobs. 

HospitalRecruiting.com - Hospital Recruiting  is a physician and healthcare job board that allows jobseekers to filter through specialty and location. They also have a blog with helpful tips for those seeking jobs in healthcare! 

Healthcare Source - Healthcare Source hosts a job board that lists positions across the healthcare industry on an easy-to-use interface. 

Health Jobs Nationwide - Health Jobs Nationwide hosts all healthcare jobs across the Nation.  

MedZilla - Medzilla hosts a board with job listings in healthcare, pharma and science.  

BioSpace - BioSpace lists jobs and companies with openings in the pharmaceutical and technical fields.  

Nursing Jobs - Nursing Jobs is the ultimate resource for RNs looking for jobs.  

Career Pharm - Career Pharm is a job board dedicated to positions for pharmacists.


Section 13: Construction / Engineering Jobs:

Construction Operations Jobs

RigZone - RigZone is the leading online community for the oil and gas industry.  They host a job board for oil and gas-related jobs worldwide.  

ConstructionJobs.com - ConstructionJobs.com is a leading job board for the construction, design/build and engineering industries.  

Roadtechs - Road Techs hosts worldwide job listings for nuclear, petrochemical, fossil and offshore professionals.  

Operativehire - A UK-based construction job boards, Operativehire allows recruiters to target hires by their certifications. 

Work for Night Owls - Work for Night Owls is a unique international job board for those hard-to-fill late night positions, including packing and other operational jobs. 

iHireConstruction - iHireConstruction hosts  thousands of jobs in construction.  Job seekers can search by job titles, city and/or state.  

Careers in Construction - Careers in Constructions hosts a job board with job listings and resources for professionals in architecture, engineering and construction management.  

Industrial Projects ReportThe Industrial Projects Report is the nation’s foremost construction trade hotsheet. It lists hot ongoing/upcoming projects across the Nation.  


Section 14: Retail Jobs:

Retail Jobs

Work In Retail - WorkInRetail.com is a retail job board specializing in corporate retail, retail management and hourly retail jobs.

All Retail Jobs AllRetailJobs.com is a job board for hourly retail positions and retail management positions.   

JobCase - Jobcase connects the world's workforce to jobs, careers and volunterring pursuits. 

RetailCrossing.com - Retail Crossing allows a job seeker to search for retail positions all over the world.  Retail Crossing features fashion retail, retail management, retail sales jobs and more.  

Clothing Industry Jobs - Clothing Industry Jobs features job opportunities in the clothing, textile and fashion industry.  Both large and small employment agencies post jobs through Clothing Industry Jobs.  

Careers in Grocery - Careers in Grocery hosts thousands of employment openings from the world’s leading grocery and supermarket employers.  

Retail Gigs - Retail Gigs is a place for retail professionals to manage their career, search for new opportunities and connect with other professionals.  

Oodle Marketplace - Oodle Marketplace is an online classifieds website.While they do not solely offer jobs in retail, they often have a rich collection of retail positions.  


Section 15: Regional Jobs:

Regional Jobs

Boston Startups Guide - Boston Startups Guide offers a current and curated list of Boston's best startups and community resources.  

Built In Austin- Find some of the best startup and technology jobs in Austin, Texas. 

Built In ChicagoFind some of the best startup and technology jobs in Chicago, Illinois. 

Built In ColoradoFind some of the best startup and technology jobs in Colorado. 

Built In NYCFind some of the best startup and technology jobs in New York City. 

Built In BostonFind some of the best startup and technology jobs in Boston, Massachusetts.

Built In LA - Find some of the best startup and technology jobs in Los Angeles, California. 


Section 16: The "Big" Job Boards:

Bog Job Boards

Below are some of the most widely-used job search sites that encompass almost any sort of positions, from a part-time houlry job to an Executive position. Using Proven, you can post directly to most of these job boards. 

Monster - Monster is a job search engine built with powerful technology in order to match the right opportunity to the right candidate. 

Indeed - Indeed serves millions of jobs and users from over 60 countries around the world. 

LinkedIn - LinkedIn allows its 400+ million members the ability to connect and build their professional network. 

Craigslist - Craigslist is a popular classifieds website with  a simple and easy-to-use job posting feature. 

SimplyHired - SimplyHired is a job search engine with 30 million monthly users from over 24 countries. 

Glassdoor - Glassdoor is a job search engine and a database of company reviews from employees.

TheLadders - Ladders connects thousands of professionals with recruiters, opportunities and insights to improve their career. 

Anything We Missed?

That's a lot of amazing job boards!

Do you know of any other great job boards or job websites? Leave it in the comments!

We would love to expand this list to be an ever-growing helpful resource!

Or, if you need to hire, we've got a tool that will help you post your jobs to 100+ job boards with one click.

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