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Teaching in a Leading Jiu Jitsu Academy | Paulo Brandão

Posted by Pablo Fuentes on January 17, 2018

Paulo Coelho Brandão comes from a city in Brazil called Manaus. Manaus is located in the middle of the Amazon jungle, accessible not by automobile, but only by airplane or boat. 

So how did he end up in Austin, Texas? 

Known by many as ‘Coelho’, Paulo is a Black Belt World Champion in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Currently he runs a successful academy, Gracie Humaita in Texas. 

Join us this week to talk about the community and family of Jiu-Jitsu and Paulo's dedication to resilience and honesty.

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Launching A Boutique Interior Design Firm | Killy Scheer

Posted by Pablo Fuentes on January 10, 2018

Killy Scheer always had a love for interior design. As a young child, she constantly found herself rearranging her bedroom. 

After working for a few design firms, both big and small, Killy decided she wanted to go out on her own. 

On this week's episode of Small Business War Stories, we join Killy to talk about her Austin-based boutique interior design firm, Scheer & Co. 

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Growing Stronger with Purpose-Driven Fitness Training | Tod Moore

Posted by Pablo Fuentes on January 3, 2018

Faced with a new year, you are probably reading about diet cleanses and all sorts of 30 day challenges to transform your body- and quick!

Tod Moore of Atomic Athlete started his "Fitness with a Purpose" approach with some rusty barbells out of the back of a truck in Austin, Texas. 

Rather than piggybacking on fad workouts, Tod Moore was more interested in identifying individual strengths and weaknesses, honing in on them and building out a sustainable physical fitness system.

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The Business of Hotel Hospitality | Matt and Taylor Gutierrez

Posted by Pablo Fuentes on December 27, 2017

The Hotel Kitsmiller on Main is a family-owned retro motor court built in the 1940s in the town of Fredericksburg, Texas.

Matt and Taylor Gutierrez met in Austin while they were both working in the corporate hotel world. Little did they know, they would be afforded the opportunity to run Taylor's family's longstanding business. 

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From Apprentice to Tattoo Artist | Erik Axel Brunt

Posted by Pablo Fuentes on December 19, 2017

When Erik Axel Brunt began his apprenticeship at a tattoo shop, he thought he was only interested in doing body piercings. 

However, once Erik began apprenticing on a weekly basis, he found himself interested in the tattoo art surrounding him. Being around it on a daily basis, Erik began envisioning the tattoos he would eventually create.

Now, Erik works out of Triple Crown Tattoo in Austin, Texas. 

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The Business of Being A Hairstylist | Damien Reyes

Posted by Pablo Fuentes on December 13, 2017

In the break room at his old job, Damien Reyes suddenly found himself in an early midlife crisis. Faced with the dilemma of the future spread out before him, Damien decided to make a change. 

He began his journey at a somewhat unlikely place for a retired truck driver in his late twenties: beauty school. And a few years later, Short Hair Company was born. 

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The Art of Physical Therapy and Holistic Healthcare | Kristy Brandabur

Posted by Pablo Fuentes on December 6, 2017

Kristy Brandabur received her degree in Exercise Science Sports Medicine, taught health and physical education for 11 years, and worked in a variety of fitness and wellness-related fields. 

At Metamorphosis Holistic Wellness Center, Kristi uses a blended technique of physical therapy, mental therapy and holistic approaches like massage and acupuncture. 

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Building Relationships with Business Gifting

Posted by Pablo Fuentes on December 1, 2017

Josh Harcus, chairman at Huify and bestselling author of A Closing Culture, joins us this week for our inaugural Flash Episode of Small Business War Stories. 

This week, we discuss the art of business gifting, the best tactics and the perfect timing to gift your customers. 

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Storytelling as a Documentary Filmmaker | Tommy's TV

Posted by Pablo Fuentes on November 29, 2017

Tommy Talley came home to Baton Rouge, Louisiana in 2011. After working for years in reality television in Los Angeles, Tommy launched and grew his production company, Tommy's TV, into a full production arsenal. 

Tommy's TV produces and creates stunning personalized videos that deliver key messages through the art of storytelling. 

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How Much It Costs to Post a Job Online (The Dirty Truth)

Posted by Caileen Kehayas on November 28, 2017

There are plenty of excellent online job boards out there. Some of them boast millions and millions of jobseekers searching for the perfect opportunity.

While this is great news for an employer looking to hire, it can be just a little overwhelming and costly.

Yes, there are many great job boards out there, but what is the best job board? How much does it cost to post a job?

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