Mobile Recruiting: The Proven Employer Hiring App

Posted by Caileen Kehayas on January 26, 2016

 Mobile recruiting or mobile hiring, is quickly becoming an absolute necessity for employers looking to acquire new talent. In 2015, 86% of active job seekers started the search process on their phones and 70% of applicants wanted to apply to jobs directly from their mobile device (source: Kelton Research). 

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Best HR Software - HR Experts Reveal their Must-have Tools

Posted by Sean Falconer on January 21, 2016

Deciding on the best HR software for a new HR department is a tricky problem. Where do you start? There's so many tools, strategies and resources out there, it's hard to know what approach, software and strategy is best.

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How to Interview: The Definitive Guide

Posted by Pablo Fuentes on January 19, 2016

Understanding how to conduct interviews can be daunting, but it is an essential part of a successful hiring process. Interviewing well and successfully takes practice and constant improvement. You never fully “have it down.” Candidates, your company, and the hiring environment are constantly changing. That is a good thing. By continuously learning, even if it is a bit of time, you can stay ahead of the competition and win the talent game.

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What are the 3 tools you would recommend for a new HR department?

Posted by Sean Falconer on January 13, 2016


I'm doing an expert roundup and I would really appreciate a minute of your time to answer the following question:

If you could only recommend 3 tools for a new HR department, what 3 would you choose?

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100+ Best Job Boards to Find Niche Talent

Posted by Caileen Kehayas on January 5, 2016

Job Boards are a great tool on both sides of the hiring front.  For an applicant, job boards are a great place to start your search.  For employers, job boards allow an extensive reach to a wide audience of possible applicants.  We have explored some of the broader job boards like Craigslist, Indeed and Monster in the past...

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Ten SMB Twitter Accounts to Follow NOW!

Posted by Caileen Kehayas on December 18, 2015


Looking to improve your business in 2016?  Here are some excellent Twitter accounts to follow.  Use these as a resource to grow, improve and learn more about your small business!  


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Hate No Shows? Reduce Them With These 9 Great Tips

Posted by Caileen Kehayas on December 14, 2015

The hiring process involves many steps.  A hiring manager needs to first draft a job post that will attract the most qualified and desirable applicants.  From there, a manager must go through dozens (or in some cases, hundreds) of cover letters and resumes.  From there, a manager can sort through Yes, No and Maybe applicants and the beat goes on…

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Ten Tips for Social Media Success

Posted by Proven on December 11, 2015

Getting started on your business' social media plan can be a daunting prospect.  Often, it can feel like you are tweeting into oblivion and nobody is seeing anything!  We came up with these top ten tips to keep your sanity in the process of building a social media strategy for your small business!  

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Craigslist Price Changes (December 2015)

Posted by Caileen Kehayas on December 10, 2015

Effective December 1, 2015, Craigslist has changed some of its job posting prices.  Here is a list of cities/metropolitan areas that are affected by this most recent price change.  

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Need Help Hiring? Download The Small Business Hiring Guide

Posted by Proven on December 8, 2015

“The only way a company can grow, stay true to its soul, and remain consistently successful is to attract, hire and keep great people.  It’s that simple and it’s that hard” - Danny Meyer

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